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Rackspace Review

Rackspace is traded publically on the New York Stock Exchange. They are a global leader in hybrid cloud and they also created OpenStack, which is an open source cloud code that has allowed their cloud services to grow exponentially. If you support the development of open sourced code, then Rackspace may be for you. Rackspace is geared towards the needs of businesses or the user who wants to create a total cloud environment.

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Benefits of Rackspace Online Storage

Rackspace offers so many different features. They offer a public cloud or a private cloud. Depending on your needs and the sophistication of your business, you can decide which is best for you. Or you can even customize a hybrid solution. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that you are using the same technology as many fortune 500 companies. Plus, they have many additional services to help your company grow.

Security Features and Techniques

The mindset at Rackspace is that security is a partnership. They want your data to be safe just as much as you do. Their unique security management model features four major stages: plan, do, check, act, which is the recommendation of the ISO 27001 standard. They take security to be the utmost important factor when considering the needs of their clients.

Cost & Storage Space

The wide array of services provided by Rackspace touches about every price point that you can imagine. For example, their block cloud storage can be had for about $70 per year. If you are a web based company with detailed cloud based infrastructure needs, then you will want to consider all of what Rackspace can offer you.

Final Review of Rackspace

Rackspace is a publically traded company that offers simple to complex solutions for businesses and individuals who have a substantial web presence who need the latest state of the art cloud based solutions. With fanatical customer support, they make sure that they are providing the customer the best possible experience. Thank you for reading our Rackspace review.

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3 Reviews

  1. This is a great way to share music with friends and family. Stop risking your hard drive’s integrity by ripping music off of the internet. Just share with friends! It is so easy to use even my Dad can do it. It’s cheap and does just what I need it to do.

  2. Our office transferred from server storage to online cloud last year and there have been little to no difficulties at all. We have been able to reduce overhead and reallocate those funds into the day-to-day operations serving our customers, rather than spending money on technical expenses. Linking our regional offices with the corporate headquarters has never been easier. Our cloud works as our primary storage as well as critical backup and we have experienced little downtime. Our files are available for sharing and retrieval whenever any of our employees need them. The SSL encryption provides security that is essential for our business to function as we always have. The ability to add on third party applications is also an excellent feature that our development office uses to innovate and how efficiently and diversely we can operate. It is hard to imagine what our business was like before virtual storage. Our cloud storage has helped us evolve and continues to perpetuate our growth as a company.

  3. When some co-workers and I decided to start a side project and work on developing some product ideas outside of work, we needed a place to store and share our materials. Constantly keeping track of emails and uploaded files became cumbersome and some progress was lost entirely. That’s not to mention the general hassle that sharing our stuff was that way. When we went looking for a cloud storage provider, we knew of many free ones that are out there. One of the big drawbacks of free storage, for our endeavor, was the lack of security. We have big things going on and our material is sensitive to say the least. So we found cloud storage that wasn’t free, but offers SSL encryption. This puts our minds at ease and we now upload and share and view each others work without the slightest fear that it can accessed by anyone else. This is our primary storage, not just backup, so we have a lot riding on it. With this provider we have zero worries. The ability to access it from mobile devices is also a huge plus. Often times we are traveling for work or are busy with the doldrums of everyday life and do not have access to our home computers and/or laptops. Being able to pull up the cloud on our smartphones is very convenient and allows us to keep our work going at a steady pace. For the price, this is the best option for us and we are very satisfied with the storage.

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