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JustCloud Review

Based in Whitely, Hampshire, United Kingdom, JustCloud has been in the online storage business for several years now. Providing excellent, reliable, and secure storage is their number one focus. By using JustCloud, you can back up any data you have automatically. In addition, you can access your data anywhere you have an internet connection by using the cloud. They provide important backup services online by securing your files in a state of the art facility. Plus, JustCloud developed its own software: it is not just one of those backup service resellers.

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Benefits of JustCloud Online Storage

JustCloud offers a laundry list of features available with every account. Unfortunately, the list is too long to tell you about all of them, so this review is just going to talk about a few. Their most popular features are the automatic backup of files and the ability to easily share and access files. Backups can be 100 percent automated, so you do not have to worry about remembering to back data up. You can also do idle, scheduled, and selective backups. You can allow others to access your files, and you can choose what they can do with those files (read-only, edit, etc.). The software is so customizable and user friendly its amazing.

Security is a Priority at JustÇloud

JustCloud stores copies of your data in multiple locations to ensure maximum protection. Their servers have never lost a file. JustCloud servers are located around the world in cutting edge, high tech data centers. Plus, these data centers are watched seven days a week, 24 hours per day, every day of the year. They are located in undisclosed locations. And, they feature HVAC, networking, and ultra-redundant power systems.

Cost & Storage Space

JustCloud offers both individual and business plans. The individual plans are differentiated by commitment level. For the entry level, one month of service is $9.95. Or you can sign up for six months of service for $41.70, one year at $71.40, or two years at $118.80. All of the individual plans have unlimited storage. The business plans are a bit different. There are two of them: The Business Plan is $19.95 per month. You get 100 GB of storage and can add more storage for $4.95 per month for each additional 100 GB. The next step up is the Enterprise Plan at $49.95 per month. You get 500 GB and other features. And, again, you can add more storage for $4.95 per month per 100 GB of storage.

Award Winning Support & Help

JustCloud offers a whole host of ways to help you. If you are not able to find your answer in the tutorials or FAQs, then you can contact them via email or web form. They guarantee to get back to you within two hours, and based on experience, that has always been the case. They are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Their technological specialists are experts at what they do, and they are standing by to help you.

Final Review of JustCloud

If you are looking for rich features, great customer support, unparalleled cloud storage, and unlimited space, JustCloud is definitely the best choice for you. Their prices are competitive, there is a money back guarantee, so buy with confidence. Thank you for reading our JustCloud Review.

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7 Reviews

  1. I have had no problems at all pulling up my files from cloud storage. I began using it as my primary storage two months ago and so far, so good. The price is competitive, especially considering stuff like Dropbox is free. I am thoroughly satisfied.

  2. For my job I have to work from both coasts and I don’t have a permanent office in either location. At first, I used my hard drive to store all of my work files. But as my workload grew, there just wasn’t enough room. Plus always traveling, in and out of TSA lines at airports, sleeping in hotel rooms, and working in conference rooms, my laptop is at risk of some unforeseen accident. I was wary of only being able to back up my work when I finally touched down back East and could get to my home PC. I started using cloud storage last year and it has set my mind at ease. From any wifi connection, I can automatically backup my work. No more emailing myself important documents and spreadsheets as insurance against a possible laptop tragedy. The price is right and the bang I get for my buck is outstanding.

  3. Online cloud storage is a cheap way to backup my hard drive. External hard drives are way more money and they can get physically damaged or lost/stolen just like a hard drive. Unless the internet as a whole comes crumbling down in an apocalypse, my data will always be in the cloud.

  4. My favorite part of having all of my data in the cloud is that I can access it from my smartphone whenever I want. Having all of my music and videos in my pocket wherever I go is just incredible. It’s cheap and the service is second to none.

  5. Sharing music with my friends has never been easier. We each have a cloud that we upload our entire libraries onto and now it’s like I have 5 times as much music. No more worrying about getting a virus from ripping albums on torrent. I am floating on a cloud of killer tunes. Literally!

  6. The instant uploads from any API in the world are what make this cloud storage so convenient. I have employees working both here in the States as well as South America and Asia. We all have access to each others’ work as soon as it is posted. The custom link sharing allows my employees to upload spreadsheets, tables and documents and we all can contribute, edit and view the data instantaneously. Some files are uploaded with sharing and editing privileges, others are just set up to view. We all can use our mobile devices through the mobile interface. I also enjoy that the mobile interface doesn’t have any restrictions compared to the web interface. The previous cloud storage that I used had limited mobile features. Now we all can run the gamut of the cloud’s potential from our phones as well as laptops. As technology grows the world shrinks and our cloud storage is proof positive of that.

  7. I work for an accounting firm. We recently moved all of our data from in-house to the cloud. I was apprehensive at first, that it would be tme-consuming and difficult to retrieve files precisely when I needed them, but this is not the case at all. The transition was smooth and not problematic at all. Now I just pull up the cloud page and any files I need are at my fingertips. I have noticed some other improvements in our office like faster internet connection and updated scanners and printers. The word around the office is that these upgrades are a result of the money saved by not needing to house all of our data on location. I haven’t seen the sub-contracted computer technician that used to be at our office so often that he had his own coffee mug! I am considering using the cloud to backup my home PC as well.

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