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Dropbox Review

Dropbox was specifically designed to allow you to easily share documents, videos, and photos and to bring them anywhere. The company was founded by two students at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2007. Arash Ferdowsi and Drew Houston were tired of having to email files to themselves in order to continue working on a project from a different computer. Thus, Dropbox was born. Now you can share files more easily than ever before thanks to their software.

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Features of Dropbox Online Storage

Now, over four million businesses and 200 million people across the world use Dropbox to share with friends and family, work on projects with a team, and easily access files. Core to Dropbox is its use of cloud technology. With some of Dropbox’s paid plans you can access unlimited versions of files. This is essential when working with a team because you can recover past work and also track any changes made. Dropbox also utilizes LAN sync and Delta sync to update your data quickly. They are able to do this even without reliable internet. You can share files with others using just one click. You can also decide what they can do with the files (i.e., read only, edit, etc.)

Security Highlights of Dropbox

Dropbox provides state of the art security to ensure your data is safe. All files, whether they are in transit or at rest, use 256-bit AES encryption. Also, SSL is used during file transfers to ensure a secure tunnel. Dropbox has a strict privacy policy that was created to safeguard against the use, disclosure, or collection of your information. The storage ISAE 3402, SSAE16/SOC1, ISO 27001, and SOC2 certified on Amazon S3. They may also data mirror across different secure data centers to increase speed times.

Cost of Dropbox & Storage Space

Dropbox offers three different types of plans. They are the Dropbox Free edition which is their free plan. It is limited in features. It comes with 2 GB of storage, but you can get up to 16 GB by referring others (500 MB per referral). Dropbox Pro is essentially the individual paid plan. You get 100 GB of storage or more, and it costs $99 per year. Dropbox for Business costs $795 per year for five users. Each additional user after that is $125. With this plan, you get as much storage space as you need.

Support & Help Provided by Dropbox

Support varies based on what plan you are using. The Dropbox for Business Plans offer priority email support, phone support, and a dedicated deployment specialist. Dropbox Pro just has priority email support. The Free Plan has none of these. All of the plans have access to the substantial FAQ, active discussion forum, and can submit help requests. So no matter what happens, you will be able to get the support you need.

Final Review of Dropbox

If you are looking for very good syncing and sharing abilities, then Dropbox is a solid data backup service to choose. You will also find their mobile app for your iphone or droid mobile device to be quite handy. Plus, you do have the security that comes with using an industry standard. Try it out for free and thank you for reading our Dropbox review.

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4 Reviews

  1. So much of the music scene these days is online. The days of passing out copies of cds are long gone. Everyone wants to know where they can stream your mp3 files. My band and I do have a website, and the appropriate reverb nation and myspace music pages where random people can discover our music, but when we refer someone to listen to our music we give them access to our cloud storage page. The sound quality is superior and we are able to offer every recorded track that we have. The cloud storage is also great for sharing files that each band member records in their own time. Say our guitarist writes an arrangement, and we need our drummer to be familiar with the song by the time of our next rehearsal, we can put this all on our cloud and collaborate without even being in the same room. It is a brave new world and we are chin-deep in it. Join us.

  2. My partner and I launched a small business six years ago. Business has been flourishing the last two years and we have been lucky enough to expand and hire on other employees. We have even expanded to have a presence in a neighboring state. Before, in our cozy office space, storing all of our financial, logistic and creative data was simple enough on a few hard drives. But as we’ve grown, we now need more GB than we can handle. Purchasing servers is an expensive order. That would add a lot of overhead that we want to avoid. Also, we are not utter computer geniuses and if problems arose with those servers we would have to hire tech help to fix the issues. Online cloud storage was our best option, We now pay for 1000 GB now and the price is more than reasonable. We use some of the space as backup storage and our affiliate in another state uses it as primary storage. This is so we always have access to that information. The redundant data option gives us the confidence that whenever we have to pull up a file it will always be there. And the SSL security encryption lets us sleep comfortably at night knowing that all of our information is safe and sound. It is a luxury to be able to focus on what we do best and not have to worry about the technical aspects of our business that are so crucial to what we do.

  3. It is an absolute requirement to back up your hard drive. If there are files that you care at least one iota for, then it is imperative that you build a safety net to protect that information. No personal user needs a server and external hard drives are quite expensive. Virtual storage online in the cloud is an excellent option for the user looking to backup his or her personal hard drive. I pay per month and the fee is more than affordable. I have a cloud backup of all of my photos, videos and music, as well as my important spreadsheets and word documents. My tax information and documents that I need for work would all leave me up the creek without a paddle if they were lost. With the cloud storage, I know that should the worst befall my hard drive that I am insured and I will retain all that valuable information.

  4. The ability to scale up as I need it is the core value of all cloud offerings. I designed an app a few months ago and used a PaaS. So when I decided to backup all of my data, it was a no-brainer to do it in the cloud.

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