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Best Online Storage Services

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Why You Should Choose a Best Online Storage Service

  • Online storage is the safest way to preserve your precious data and electronic files
  • Pricing to store data online has decreased dramatically in the last several years
  • Enjoy the flexibility of accessing your data anywhere on your mobile devices
  • The heartache you will feel if you lose your personal data is devastating!
  • Once your electronic data is gone it is very hard to replace it so act quickly!

JustCloud Review

Based in Whitely, Hampshire, United Kingdom, JustCloud has been in the online storage business for several years now. Providing excellent, reliable, and secure storage is their number one focus. By using JustCloud, you can back up any data you have automatically. In addition, you can access your data anywhere you have an internet connection by using the cloud. They provide important backup services online by securing your files in a state of the art facility. Plus, JustCloud developed its own software: it is not just one of those backup service resellers.
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SugarSync Review

Based in San Mateo, California and launched in 2008, SugarSync’s customer base numbers in the multi-millions. To bring cloud storage and other services to their customers, companies like France Telecom-Orange, Lenovo, Korea Telocom, SanDisk, and BestBuy have chosen SugarSync as a partner. Using all of your mobile devices and computers, SugarSync allows you to sync, back up, share, and access all of your music, photos, movies, and documents wherever you are.
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Egnyte HybridCloud Reviews

By securely connecting any storage to any device, Egnyte has taken cloud sharing to a whole new level by adapting it for businesses. From their headquarters in the Silicon Valley of California, the Egnyte Hybrid Cloud is not trying to break “data gravity.” It can work with local and cloud data to make sure files can be shared and accessed in-place. That is why over 30,000 businesses, including The Home Depot, Fender, Lexmark, and Ikea, rely on HybridCloud.
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Livedrive Review

Livedrive’s vision is unique and refreshing: don’t store files on your PC, store them on your Livedrive instead. Think of Livedrive as your own personal internet storage space. It’s unlimited, it’s secure, and it will be there forever. First launched in 2008, the company has grown exponentially to become a major player in the cloud storage industry.
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Rackspace Review

Rackspace is traded publically on the New York Stock Exchange. They are a global leader in hybrid cloud and they also created OpenStack, which is an open source cloud code that has allowed their cloud services to grow exponentially. If you support the development of open sourced code, then Rackspace may be for you. Rackspace is geared towards the needs of businesses or the user who wants to create a total cloud environment.
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