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Top Reasons to Use Online Storage Systems

Online Storage is the Next Frontier

We are embarking into a new generation of information storage. Until recently, when someone wanted to protect the information on their computer, their options were an external hard drive or an external disc. Today, more and more people are opting to store their business and personal information using an online storage service. This next generation of data storage is appealing to users because it is both safe and easy to use. Here are the top reasons to use online storage systems.

The Cost of Online Storage is Variable

By choosing a cloud based storage option you eliminate all of the costs associated with an external hard drive data backup system. Plus, by choosing a cloud storage option you eliminate the time associated with manually backing up your information; and time is money, so there is a real cost to choosing a manual backup system. Most online data storage systems are available for a nominal monthly fee.

Concealment and Security are Top Notch

For someone looking to obtain your data, a cloud based storage system allows you to become invisible. When there is not an easily identifiable storage location like you have in a home or office, there is an added level of safety. During both transmission and storage your data is encrypted, making your information both difficult to find and decipher.

Automation Convenience & Synchronization

Most people have every intention to back up their computer, but never actually get it done. With an online data storage system, backing up your information becomes automated, so the responsibility is now out of your hands. With most people utilizing desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones, multiple devices are commonplace. With an online storage service, you can access, modify and store information effortlessly from one device to another. With a cloud system, all you need is an internet connection to access all of your information on any of your devices. Having the flexibility to use multiple devices is great, but without synchronization it is also dangerous. With a cloud service, you don’t need to worry about changes made to a document not following you from one device to another. Everything syncs together seamlessly.

Sharing with Collaboration Partners

With greater access it is also easier to share information. Whether it is a picture, document or an entire folder, sharing is much easier with an online storage service. And you can also collaborate with colleagues. Collaboration is an ever-growing part of most people’s business and personal lives. With an online storage system, your information is both safe and accessible. Plus, if multiple people are working on a document, changes become instantly visible to everyone who is granted access. This saves time and avoids errors.

Safeguard & Restoration

A multi-layered storage system like an online storage system offers an added safeguard because your information is backed-up at a remote location. And if you delete something by accident, the services offer backups so that you can retrieve older versions of files. With even the best intentions, disasters can happen and if you suffer enormous information loss you can restore all of your files easily. The same can not be said for an external desktop hard drive.