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Online Storage is Making Hard Drives Obsolete

Space is Critical

Space is a critical element in the computer world. Computer designers are always trying to fit more memory into a smaller space, stretching the capacity of hard drives to previously unimaginable levels. As computers have evolved, their memory capacity has doubled every year. The size of a computer’s hard drive is a critical purchase consideration, but that may change soon. That is because there is a growing trend towards using online storage systems. These systems, often called Clouds, are capable of storing all conceivable types of information including, documents, folders, audio files, video files & picture files and just about all other file types. Online storage is making hard drives obsolete.

Prices are Going Down

As the use of online storage systems grow, their costs are dropping. Right now, it is possible to obtain 25 gigabytes of cloud space from an industry leader for free. Users that need more space will only pay as littie as $5 per month for 100 gigabytes. As interest in the market grows, so does the competition.

Computer Design is Changing

Computer designers are changing the structure of their computers to take advantage of this growing trend. There is a trend in new computers to install flash drives, which offer smaller capacity compared to hard drives. New computers are now equipped with the smaller capacity flash drive. Compared to the hard drive, the flash drive offers greater durability and a reduced likelihood to skip. As flash drives become more prevalent, online storage usage will become standard.

The Software Industry is Involved

The software industry provides another indication that online storage will become more prevalent. Software developers are now choosing to offer their services online, rather than through downloads. In the past, users would download versions of software and host it locally on their computer. Now software is commonly made available through online services, with a monthly or yearly fee. Leading the way in this trend is the website and blogging software industry, which has almost completely moved from downloadable software to web-based applications. This evolution ensures users are always using the product’s latest software version while offering an incredibly robust product that could clog a computer.

Mobile Access to Your Information

Compared to the traditional storage methods, online storage offers the user greater access to their information. An item stored on your computer will also be available on your PDA, tablet and laptop. Since the data does not ‘sit’ on anyone one specific device, sharing of information becomes much easier. Having information in a cloud makes collaboration easier for businesses, while new social possibilities are also developing.

Security is State of the Art

Security is an obvious major concern with online storage. Using online storage offers a greater level of security compared to a hard drive. Online security uses sophisticated encryption methods that protect information from non-authorized access. When it comes to information storage and protection, online storage is the future. As people become more comfortable and familiar with cloud storage, it will quickly become the method of choice.