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TradeKing Review

TradeKing is an online investment and stock brokerage firm founded in 2006. Though young in comparison to many competitors, this company stands out. They have earned an impressive number of awards including: Barron’s 2011 #1 in Site Usability; Smart Money’s 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2008 #1 in Customer Service, among many others. For the 7th straight year, Barron’s has rated TradeKing as one of the best.

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TradeKing Ease of Use

TradeKing provides an incredibly easy to use platform for traders of all skill levels. MarketGrader Research Reports, our Maxit Tax Manager, Probability Calculator, Profit and Loss Calculator, Stock and Option Screeners, Technical Analysis Tools, and a new active trading platform called TradeKing LIVE. All of these tools are meant to help you make the most of your trades. However, even though tools are there to help you, there is no guarantee that you will make a profit from any trade.

TradeKing Trading Options

With TradeKing, there are several trading options available to you. You can trade either stocks or options. There is no minimum amount required to open an account, which makes this a perfect choice for someone who is new to investing, doesn’t quite know where to begin, and is working with a limited budget to get started. It is also great for someone who has a lot of capital, but doesn’t want to invest a lot until they get the hang of investing and how it works.

Pricing and Additional Features

In addition to stocks and options, you also have the ability to invest in mutual funds, bonds, certificates of deposits, EFTs and treasuries. Rates and fees will vary based on product, but never exceed $24.95. No matter what you want to invest in, there are no minimum requirements. TradeKing is also active on social media channels, including: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube. They have a number of blogs to help their customers learn more about the company and the financial industry as well.

Final Review of TradeKing

The TradeKing platform is very easy to use, with an intuitive and simple interface that allows you to get quote information, and quickly and easily execute any number of trades in just a few minutes and a great choice for both novice and experienced investors. With product flexibility, you can diversify your portfolio in a number of ways, all in one place. The educational videos and tools, combined with award winning customer service make this a great choice. Thank you for reading our TradeKing review.

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2 Reviews

  1. No minimums, low fees for broker-assistance and instant updates on market trends? Yes please! This is exactly what I need to make my portfolio grow. A little help and a lot of freedom go a long way for the personal investor.

  2. My mutual funds packages are doing very well and my own personal stock investments aren’t too shabby either. The fees are low enough to make the broker-assisted trades a viable option as well. I would definitely recommend this to friends and colleagues.

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