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Scottrade Review

Scottrade has been in business since 1980 and is a popular and well known online stock brokerage firm. They have a lot of TV advertising, so they are one of the first brands people usually think of when it comes to online stock brokers. An added bonus that many other companies don’t have is the ability to meet with a stockbroker in person at a branch office. Utilize Scottrade’s tools and resources and easy to use platform.

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Scottrade Tools and Resources

Scottrade has traditional brick and mortar offices that support their online division. If you are an accountholder, or considering becoming an account holder, you can visit one of the branches in person to learn more and get started. Then, you can take over the account online, investing from your home computer, or on the go with your smartphone. The tools Scottrade provides are designed to help you learn more about how to make trades, and to help you gauge the risk involved.

Scottrade is Easy of Use

The online Scottrade trading platform is incredibly simple to use. With your account you’ll get access to real time streaming quotes, market news, charts, the latest announcements and more. Highly active traders with at least $25,000 in an account can use the advanced trading platform.  The charting screen enables you to draw trend lines to help you make a decision about whether or not to invest in a particular stock. You can also use the stock screen to search for stock supporting to your selected criteria.

Scottrade’s Many Trading Options

Scottrade allows you to trade: stocks, options, ETF, mutual funds, internationally, fixed income, and foreign stock on the FOREX. There are some service fees to be aware of, including: mailed confirmation to an internet account, male statement to an internet account, duplicate historical statement, overnight delivery, returned or stop payments and research. For more information about the fees speak to a customer service representative.

Final Review of Scottrade

Scottrade is a solid online discount broker for both the novice and experience user. The educational materials present on the website can help those who are just getting started with trading and they can supplement information for those who are used to trading stocks online. While the tools are basic in comparison to some other online trading platforms, they are not to get the job done. Thank you for reading our Scottrade review.

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2 Reviews

  1. The charts, graphs and analyst forecast reports really give me a clear-picture of the market. I work all day for my money and have a family to care for. I do not have the time to keep my eyes glued to the ticker. However, I do want some control over my investment portfolio. Scottrade is a great hands-on, eyes-off way to invest in my future. I have done a few broker-assisted trades and more recently have been making my own moves after consulting a lot of the market research that Scottrade provides. The fees are low enough that I am still turning a profit, and now that I am making my own choices the fees are even lower. There is an actual Scottrade storefront in a neighboring town, and I went to a seminar that they held there last week that was very informative. I don’t expect to turn out a Rockefeller, but this pace of investing suits me fine.

  2. I have been managing my own portfolio for many years now. I don’t need any advice. The biggest bonus for me about trading online, is access to quotes for OTCBB stocks. This is not available on every site. It is crucial for an advanced investor like me.

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