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OptionsXpress Review

OptionsXpress Inc., was founded in 2001, and considers itself a leader in the online trading space. Though there are many competitors out there, it is backed by Charles Schwab, a financial services and investment company that has been in business since 1971. They are a trusted company in the space, and many people use their services both online and off. Get the ability to trade whatever you need to on one platform.

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OptionsXpress Ease of Use

OptionsXpress is incredibly easy to use, even with little to no experience. Once you open an account, you can use a free $25,000 virtual trade account to test your trades, to decide if you are making a wise move before you ever touch any real products and services using your real money. This is an excellent teaching tool for people who are looking to get into the investment game but are not sure how. The Trade and Probability Calculator is another valuable tool, which helps you asses risk and reward.

OptionsXpress Trading Options

As an OptionsXpress customer, you can trade: options, stocks, bonds, futures, and Forex. Fees vary depending on what you are trading, but their fees are competitive in the marketplace. You can attend live webinar events, get daily newsletters, and even get on-demand training if you feel like you are not quite ready to dive into the game alone. OptionsXpress trading various trading options make this platform an even more attractive product.

Customer Service

If you ever feel like you need help with any of the products and services associated with OptionsXpress, then customer service is always available to provide live, real-time help. They can answer your questions, and help you execute trades either through an online chat, or over the phone for free. OptionsXpress is dedicated to serving their clients and making sure they’re satisfied. Extended customer service hours mean there is someone available when you need them.

Final Review of OptionsXpress

OptionsXpress is an excellent service for anyone who is just starting out in the investing game, but it also has plenty to offer experts and seasoned investors. Since you can manage everything in one place, and you can take it with you no matter where you go, there is a great deal of convenience with this service. There are never any hidden commissions or fees to worry about, which also offers peace of mind. Thank you for reading our OptionsXpress review.

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2 Reviews

  1. When I wanted to start investing I knew that I needed help. I am far from a guru, but I wanted to have a say in my portfolio. My 401K is out of my hands, but I don’t want to let that be the extent of my investment portfolio. I have kids that I’ll need to put through college, and my wife and I have plans for retirement. Online stock trading is the perfect place for an investor like me. I get all the education I need and it is presented in a way that I can understand. There is no esoteric jargon that makes me feel dumb. It is easy to get a grasp of what it is I need to do. The analyst reports get the leg work down for me, and allows me to make my own informed decisions.

  2. My company has switched investment banks a few times now. Each previous time it was frustrating. One bank says energy is the future, the next claims that it is something else altogether. This switch though has been just great. OptionsXpress continues to show growth and I am finally so happy with the state of my 401K that I have opened up a personal account with OptionsXpress as well. I started with $1000 in my account and I have been earning steady returns ever since. The cash part of my account earns interest, and there are no account management fees at all. I pay a per trade fee when I choose which stocks to invest in. The mobile app makes it easy to keep an eye on my portfolio, as well as market trends that OptionsXpress provides for me. I set up preferences to see the latest news on which offerings I think show potential, as well as the recommendations that OptionsXpress provides. Investing has never been easier for me, not to mention profitable.

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