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The Benefits of Online Stock Trading

  • When in Total Control Online, You Can Buy and Sell Stocks With the Click of a Mouse
  • Buy and Sell Stocks Online in Addition to Multiple Other Offers and Financial Products
  • Features Powerful Tools Like Calculators, Reports, and Charts to Keep You Informed
  • Stockbrokers Take Control Away From You So Make Your Own Financial Decisions
  • Hiring and Keeping a Stockbroker On Your Payroll is a Waste of Your Time & Money

OptionsXpress Review

OptionsXpress Inc., was founded in 2001, and considers itself a leader in the online trading space. Though there are many competitors out there, it is backed by Charles Schwab, a financial services and investment company that has been in business since 1971. They are a trusted company in the space, and many people use their services both online and off. Get the ability to trade whatever you need to on one platform.
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OptionsHouse Review

OptionsHouse was founded by PEAK6 Investments, L.P., one of the largest options trading firms in the U.S., in 2005. In the near decade since they were established, the company has assisted over thousands of people in building and optimizing their stock portfolios. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the company offers the perfect service for traders of any skill level and thrives on creating the most value for your trade.
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Scottrade Review

Scottrade has been in business since 1980 and is a popular and well known online stock brokerage firm. They have a lot of TV advertising, so they are one of the first brands people usually think of when it comes to online stock brokers. An added bonus that many other companies don’t have is the ability to meet with a stockbroker in person at a branch office. Utilize Scottrade's tools and resources and easy to use platform.
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TradeKing Review

TradeKing is an online investment and stock brokerage firm founded in 2006. Though young in comparison to many competitors, this company stands out. They have earned an impressive number of awards including: Barron’s 2011 #1 in Site Usability; Smart Money’s 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2008 #1 in Customer Service, among many others. For the 7th straight year, Barron’s has rated TradeKing as one of the best.
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ETrade Review

Though the online side of the business has only been operational for a few years, ETrade has been in business for more than 30 years, as the company was initially founded in 1982. Etrade is an online brokerage platform, perhaps most well known for their infamous “ETrade baby” commercials. Whether you have never invested at all, or you have been investing for years, see how ETrade can be the perfect platform for you.
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