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Kaplan University

Kaplan University Reviews

Kaplan University was designed to serve non-traditional students by providing flexible scheduling. They offer an extensive list of certificate and degree programs, specifically tailored for entrepreneurs looking to expand their skills set, the unemployed seeking a career change, anyone interested in gaining more knowledge for their workplace, stay at home spouses, or new students.

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Fully Accredited

Kaplan University is a member of the North Central Association and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Additionally, there is a long list of states that have given Kaplan specific accreditations and approval for their degree and certification programs. The Kaplan website gives a whole listing of all the programs that require accreditation or approval from professional associations.

Programs and Degrees

Kaplan University has over 200 educational programs to help. There are 38 professional certificates and 48 graduate and undergraduate degrees. Legal studies, health sciences, criminal justice, business, nursing, technology, education, law, and the arts and sciences are the programs for which Kaplan offers certifications or degrees. Earn a Liberal Arts degree at Kaplan University’s College of Arts and Science. In addition, you can also get a Psychology Master’s Degree. Also available are business degrees from the Kaplan School of Business and Management, legal degrees from the Concord Law School, and other special certifications.

Tuition and Costs

For online degree programs, Kaplan’s tuition is in the middle of the pack. Kaplan University does, however, offer a variety of ways to help you pay for your education: financial aid, scholarships, and employer reimbursement. There are also special benefits for members of the armed forces and their spouses and for veterans.

Final Review of Kaplan University

Kaplan University’s online programs offer a wide range of new and exciting opportunities, including putting your learning to real world use in your area through Kaplan’s “externship” programs. With Kaplan’s pricing and the availability of funding and discounts, it has never been easier for non-traditional students to learn new skills. Thank you for reading our Kaplan University review.

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2 Reviews

  1. After trying to do the night school thing to earn my degree, I realized that it would not fit into my work and family schedule. I am a single father working a full time job and raising two beautiful daughters. I want to give them every opportunity in life and that costs. And it costs a lot. My job lets us live comfortably, but I want to provide them with the special bonuses that they want so much. I didn’t want to give up on college after the night-school debacle, so I looked into earning a degree at an online college. I found a regionally accredited institution where I could take classes at a pace that fit into my busy schedule. I am now slated to have an associate’s degree by 2013 and couldn’t be more proud of my progress. Online college will let me give my daughter’s everything in life that they deserve.

  2. I could not leave my family behind and go off to college two hours away. Now I am taking online courses from the comfort of home where I can still care for my family. I have kept my job and didn’t even have to cut back on hours. Online courses have made this possible.

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