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When Considering an Online Education, Check for an Accreditation

Employers Care About Accreditation

Whether you’re thinking of attending a traditional university or an increasingly popular online college, start by checking what type of accreditation the online school has. Schools that are not properly accredited may not offer the level of education an employer desires. Unfortunately, it is possible to obtain an online degree and then discover that because the school does not have the proper accreditation, the degree is useless.

Accreditation is a Voluntary Process

For a college or university, accreditation is a voluntary process. During the accreditation process, the school’s educational programs are reviewed and evaluated to ensure they meet a pre-determined level of quality. To remain accredited, the school much adhere to a set criteria level. Although the U.S. Department of Education does not give schools their accreditation, they do provide a helpful web page. On this web page, the USDE provides the independent agencies they recognize, and the schools they accredit.

Levels to Accreditation

There are several levels to the accreditation process, including two primary types of accreditation, regional and national. There are six independent agencies located throughout the U.S. that offer accreditation. There are also other smaller agencies that offer regional accreditation. Non-profit institutions usually receive regional accreditation, and this type of accreditation is received by various organizations. Schools with regional accreditation offer the best option if a student might consider a transfer in the future.

Cross check for credit transfers

For-profit schools usually apply for national accreditation. For a student considering a school with national accreditation, further investigation is required because issues can arise if they attempt to transfer credits. Degrees from schools with national accreditation need to be scrutinized to ensure they are recognized by potential employers. Consider cross-checking the institutions and the accreditation to ensure it is a legitimate institution. Do not be surprised if a school has both regional and national accreditation.