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Best Metal Detectors

  • Garrett ACE Metal Detector
  • SAKOBS Metal Detectors
  • Fisher Metal Detector
  • PANCKY Metal Detector
  • Bounty Hunter Metal Detector


PANCKY Metal Detector

Better Accuracy

The PANCKY has a comfortable arm rest and adjustable stem. The LCD screen is easy to use. With its 5 operation modes, quick menus, large LCD screen, and smart coil, metal detecting has never been easier! The PANCKY is lightweight and easy to carry. It comes with a bag big enough to carry all accessories. The LCD screen has an adjustable backlight.


Perfect for All Terrain Searching

The PANCKY is not only fun and easy to use thanks to its ergonomic design, but it’s also perfect for many types of hunting grounds. Use on high traffic areas of grass, on farms, the beach, even riversides. You can even go into shallow water to treasure hunt because the 10” search coil is waterproof.

The PANCKY Metal Detector has five detection modes:

  • All Metal Mode – be notified each time metal is detected
  • DISC Mode – eliminates unwanted metal targets
  • MEMORY Mode – detects only memorized metal targets
  • Priced From $19.99 to $42.99 per Month
  • PP Mode – Pinpoint the goal

Final Review of the PANCKY

This metal detector is perfect for anyone wanting to find “hidden treasure.” The height is adjustable making it easy for both children and adults to use. Some metal detectors can be difficult to read, and we especially like how this one’s LCD screen is easy to read and figure out. You can see depth, sensitivity level, battery and which mode it’s on. If you’re looking to move up from a beginner metal detector, we definitely recommend this one. Assembly is easy, and it even comes with a few accessories that fit right in the bag like a foldable shovel, headphones and a carrying case.


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