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  • Garrett ACE Metal Detector
  • SAKOBS Metal Detectors
  • Fisher Metal Detector
  • PANCKY Metal Detector
  • Bounty Hunter Metal Detector

Garrett ACE Reviews

Garrett ACE Metal Detector

Detects Several Types of Metal

The Garrett ACE 300 has a comfortable armrest design so you aren’t easily fatigued while treasure hunting. Detect several types of metal from Nickel, Iron, Zinc, and even Copper. This detector even detects Silver and Gold.

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Explore Several Types of Ground

The Garrett ACE 300 metal detector works on land, the beach, stone piles, and you can even use it in the shallow water. Search for jewelry, silverware, coins and other metal treasures using this metal detector.

Perfect for Any Age

This metal detector is perfect for use by people of all ages as the stem is adjustable for kids and adults. This would make a great gift, or it would even be perfect for those wanting to get started metal detecting.

Final Review of the Garrett ACE 300

We think this is a great value metal detector. You can detect on land and in water, and you can detect items at up to 8” deep using this metal detector. It doesn’t come with as many accessories as other metal detectors, but they are available for separate purchase such as the headphones which make it very convenient to hear the sounds. The headphone and speaker can be adjusted to be comfortable levels. All in all, this is a great detector for beginners!

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