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Best Metal Detectors

  • Garrett ACE Metal Detector
  • SAKOBS Metal Detectors
  • Fisher Metal Detector
  • PANCKY Metal Detector
  • Bounty Hunter Metal Detector


Fisher Metal Detector

Submersible Search Coil

Treasure hunt in any weather condition. The Fisher F22 is weatherproof so you can use even the harshest weather and environment. Rain, shine or snow – this metal detector can find you some treasure! The Fisher F22 can detect artifacts, coins and jewelry in both land and shallow water. The powerful search coils search for targets buried up to 9” deep.

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Turn on and go!

The Fisher22 is easy to use. While made for adults, this metal detector is easy enough for children to use. The easy to use features include discrimination, notch, pinpoint, and sensitivity make it super easy to find treasures buried deep in the ground. The weatherproof Fisher22 is lightweight, ergonomic and comfortable. It weighs about 2 pounds and has a padded hard grip and arm cup so you’re in comfort the entire time you’re out hunting for treasure.

Accurate Treasure Hunting

You can quickly identify targets using the Fisher F22 by Target Categories and a 0-99 numeric Target-ID which is enhanced with a 4-tone audio-ID system. You will be able to distinguish between valuable targets and unwanted targets using the Fisher F22.

Final Review of the Fisher F22

We love that the Fisher F22 is lightweight, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and we think it’s perfect for beginners. The PinPoint feature is really helpful. If you’re treasure hunting and know you’ve found something, the PinkPoint feature will help you locate the object in the ground so you’re not having to dig and dig to find a small target. This metal detector is powered by 2AA batteries, but they do hold up for about 20 hours of use. If you’re wanting to get into this hobby, the Fisher F22 is a great starter metal detector.

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