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Best Metal Detectors

  • Garrett ACE Metal Detector
  • SAKOBS Metal Detectors
  • Fisher Metal Detector
  • PANCKY Metal Detector
  • Bounty Hunter Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector

Detection Modes

To make metal detecting even easier, the Bounty Hunter TK4 is a rugged metal detector that is ideal for use in many ground conditions, even extreme. By using moton all-metal mode, Discriminal mode, and 2-tone auto mode, you can hunt for treasure of all sizes. The disc/notch control will distinguish between targets and unwanted tartes. The present ground balance neutralizes response to mineral content in the ground.

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Comfortable Treasure Hunting

The Bounty Hunter TK4 comes with a padded armrest, adjustable stem, and cushioned handgrip to provide comfort and prevent fatigue while metal detecting. The headphone jack is very convenient making it possible to wear headphones while metal detecting so you don’t miss any notifications.

Perfect for Extreme Ground Treasure Hunting

Not only is the Bounty Hunter TK4 easy to use, but it’s perfect for many ground times. The 9” waterproof, open-face Search Coil is completely submersible. You can pinpoint the exact location of buried targets. Detect jewelry, coins, relics, prospect, and inspect for utilities using the Bounty Hunter TK4.

Final Review of the Bounty Hunter TK4

We really love the features of this metal detector at such a great price point. It’s easy to use. Larger targets are easy to find at up to 24” depending on their size. The metal detector feels sturdy. The handle extends making it easy for both adults or children to use it. We thinks it’s a fantastic entry level detector!

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