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Tetris Review

Tetris is one of the best selling mobile games of all time and now with more features than previous versions. Blocks drop down from the sky and you can rotate them before they land on the ground. There are only 6 different shapes that come dropping your way, and your goal is to build full rows of blocks without any gaps. If you do that, the row of blocks disappears and you live on to play some more! The game is so addicting and fun, nobody can get enough.

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About Tetris by Electronic Arts

Tetris is a game that is provided by Electronic Arts or EA for short. EA has been around since 1982 and has been providing quality games to the masses since then. They have helped start the Entertainment Software Ratings Board and been at the forefront of gaming for years. They deliver content, games and online services or internet-connected consoles, tablets, mobile phones, and personal computers. EA’s standard for excellence is proven in the more than 30 years of products they have delivered to the consumers worldwide.

Why Tetris is an Excellent Choice

Tetris has a reputation for quality and fun that is unsurpassed in the video game world. Tetris has survived the years because of their diligence to keeping it and other games current and updated. This is why now is a great time to buy Tetris. Electronic Arts will take the game and tweak it just enough to keep it relevant and in the hunt for games to play. That is the touch of a company that cares. And since the game is so much fun, you will get hours upon hours of enjoyment out of it.

What Does it Cost?

Tetris costs around $0.99 to purchase and this is of course is a one-time charge to your account. This game has many different features and when playing there will be options that if opted for, can be purchased additionally. These are strictly optional and not required to play the game initially. However, these are add-on bonus features that can be purchased to increase the enjoyment of the game play. You will not be disappointed in your decision to purchase Tetris.

Final Review of Tetris

Tetris is a fun and addicting game that can play on the iPhone. The games can be fun and a way to have entertainment on the cheap while on the go. To get this game, just simply go to the Apple App and type in the name of the game. Buy the game for $0.99 and it will download directly to your phone. It takes a couple seconds and then playing will be more fun than ever. Electronic Arts makes Tetris fun for all ages and have been a key figure in game making for over 30 years. Thank you for reading our Tetris review.

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5 Reviews

  1. I am such a fan of Tetris because it seems like no matter how much I play I never get tired of it. I am playing Tetris before school even starts and I like that I can see how others are doing to compare my score.

  2. Tetris was recommended to me by my sister’s boyfriend. I think Tetris might be the most addicting game I’ve ever downloaded to my iPhone. I love Tetris! It’s a real winner because it is easy to play and makes it simple to check your score constantly. I like that Tetris also lets you keep track of multiple scores at once because that means my younger sister can get on my iPhone and play it without ruining my track record! I think Tetris is an awesome game for anyone to play who loves trying out new games on their phone. I like it because it loads almost instantly which means I can whip out my phone and play every time I have downtime, like when waiting for the bus or waiting in line at a store. Yes, I am that addicted! I think you should definitely download Tetris because it is a super fun game that keeps you entertained for hours. Tetris was easy to learn to play too. If you are accustomed to any of the other common iPhone games, Tetris is sure to keep you going when you’re bored. Tetris is a winner in my book and I am owning at it every day!

  3. Tetris was the top-rated game on an iOS blog I follow so I figured I had to install it. I did but it took me a few days to get around to playing it. Tetris is so much fun and I like that I can keep multiple player scores on one device. My younger sister can jump on my phone whenever she wants (not that that’s always a good thing) and she can start playing Tetris without ruining my score. When you are in a crazy family like mine, that is an important feature! I am happy I downloaded Tetris because that blog has yet to let me down with any of their game recommendations but ### is my favorite of everything they’ve suggested.

  4. My younger brother was looking for an easy game to play and I saw a good review for Tetris so I put it on his phone. He kept telling me how much he liked playing it that it got me curious and I put Tetris on my phone too. This is a really fun game that keeps us entertained for hours! My mom loves to watch boring shows and we sit there without watching them because we’re playing our games. I am in my late teens and my brother is 12 and we are both major fans of Tetris. It is one that we are playing daily and I think the fact it appeals to so many people (according to the reviews) sums up what an awesome game it is.

  5. Download Tetris but remember I am telling you now how addicting it is. I have a Facebook group for it because so many of my friends and family members play and I have my boss playing it now too.

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