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Paper Toss

Paper Toss Review

Paper Toss is a fun and addictive game that is so easy to play. Have you ever sat there at work and wanted to toss a crumpled up piece of paper into a trash can? What about if there was a desk fan blowing and you had to compensate for that wind? Well that hilarious experience is what paper toss is all about. Flick your finger and toss the paper and see if you can get the basket. It is fun!!

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About Backflip Studios

Paper Toss was created and designed by Backflip Studios, which is out of Boulder, Colorado. They have been at the forefront of the mobile gaming industry for a couple years and in 2011. Paper Toss was one of the very first games they created. It is still well-known and many people like to play this game in their spare time. They have continued to work on their games and have looked at more than just the mobile market for some of their newer products.

Why Paper Toss is a Great Choice

Paper Toss is a fun and addicting game that is easy to play and will continue to challenge you. You have the ability to compete with players all around the world by utilizing the Global Online Scoreboard Feature. It is a game that is appropriate for all ages. This is not the kind of game you need to try and hide from your kids, because it is all about fun and not about shock value.

What Does it Cost?

The game Paper Toss is free and this means that not only can anyone download it but they won’t have to pay for it. This is something that makes this game one that more people are liking to play. With no cost, this also means that there will be no reason not to have this game on your phone. Just a simple load and you can start playing against anyone of your friends or anyone in the world for that matter. There is an ad-free version that costs $0.99.

Final Review of Paper Toss

This game is one that for anyone who is bored and can really be addicting. With Paper Toss being available on the iPhone, this allows many users the ability to download this game and then interact with friends and family even if not in the same area. Being designed and created by Backflip Studios, means that this game will be supported for a very long time. Can you make the paper into the basket? With 7 different difficulty levels available, Paper Toss is fun and challenging. Thank you for reading our Paper Toss review.

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2 Reviews

  1. Paper Toss was recommended to me by my sister’s boyfriend. I think Paper Toss might be the most addicting game I’ve ever downloaded to my iPhone. I love Paper Toss! It’s a real winner because it is easy to play and makes it simple to check your score constantly. I like that Paper Toss also lets you keep track of multiple scores at once because that means my younger sister can get on my iPhone and play it without ruining my track record! I think Paper Toss is an awesome game for anyone to play who loves trying out new games on their phone. I like it because it loads almost instantly which means I can whip out my phone and play every time I have downtime, like when waiting for the bus or waiting in line at a store. Yes, I am that addicted! I think you should definitely download Paper Toss because it is a super fun game that keeps you entertained for hours. Paper Toss was easy to learn to play too. If you are accustomed to any of the other common iPhone games, Paper Toss is sure to keep you going when you’re bored. Paper Toss is a winner in my book and I am owning at it every day!

  2. It was my mom who got me to try Paper Toss. Her boss knows I love playing games on my iPhone and told her about it. I am nuts for it! Paper Toss is simple to follow and I think almost anyone could easily grasp the objectives and thus get into it very fast. It is one of those games that sucks you and I can see why people have such awesome things to say about it. I know when I first tried Paper Toss I was hooked from the beginning and it is a game I have continued to play consistently every month. I have a lot of games on my phone so the fact that I keep playing this one says a lot.

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