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Angry Birds

Angry Birds Review

Angry Birds is probably the most recognizable iphone game of all time. It was created by Rovio Entertainment Ltd. Rovio Entertainment was founded in 2003 and has been at the forefront of mobile gaming ever since. They have created many variations of the original Angry Birds and have seen many successes with it. They employ over 700 professionals in their different offices around the world. Rovio Entertainment has shown the world that they are one of the best game developers around due to the amazing success of Angry Birds.

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Why Angry Birds Is a Great Choice

When playing Angry Birds, you will launch birds with a slingshot and try to knock over the bad piggies. Each bird has special unique abilities. This addicting game came out in 2003 Since then, Rovio has continued to strive to bring the best gaming experience possible to the players. They have taken the original Angry Birds and turned into a series of 9 blockbuster games. Rovio has created a world-class entertainment industry in Finland and have travelled well outside the Finnish borders. Their dedication to the Angry Birds game and subsequent games, shows that they have what it takes to keep the game at the top of the gaming list.

Iphone Games are a Lot of Fun

Playing games on the iPhone is easier than ever. It’s as simple as going to the Apple App store and downloading Angry Birds straight to your iphone or ipad. You will be playing in a minute or even less. Games are a way for many people to interact with others and more and more people are playing games than ever before. It’s easier and cheaper to get games on your iPhone than buying games for the Xbox and PlayStation, plus these games can last much longer.

What Does it Cost?

The cost for Angry Birds is $0.99 and this is a one-time cost. The game is very simple and straight forward to play. There are some in game features that do cost if the gamer so chooses to buy. These options cost money, but other than that, there are no other fees associated to playing Angry Birds. The phrase comes to mind “You get what you pay for,” and this can be the case for those other games. $0.99 is a small price for something that is this fun and addictive.

Final Review of Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a fun and enjoyable game that can be played by all ages. iPhone games, in general, are priced so that everyone can get them and enjoy playing them. It’s easy to download these games, and the cost is much better than anything that will be found with the PlayStation or the Xbox. Angry Birds is available in the Apple App store and can be used on any Apple device. This makes it more portable than any console ever will be. Angry Birds is easy to play and appropriate for the whole family. Thank you for reading our Angry Birds review.

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3 Reviews

  1. Angry Birds is my new favorite iOS game because it is easy to play and it keeps me thinking fast! I think everyone should play Angry Birds at least once because it’s one of the most entertaining games I’ve found for my iPhone.

  2. Anyone familiar with the other common and most popular iPhone games will enjoy playing Angry Birds. I know I thought it was kind of weird at first but after I downloaded it I was instantly addicted. Angry Birds is so much fun to play and I am someone who has played a lot of iPhone games. I like that Angry Birds is very engaging and keeps you hooked from the first game. You know the feeling you get when you just can’t wait to get back to your game? That’s what Angry Birds does for me and I am pretty sure it will do that for you too! Angry Birds was super easy to download and it never crashes, which makes me a happy camper. I think Angry Birds is a great starter game too. If you don’t have tons of experience with iPhone games, Angry Birds is easy to get used to and trust me, it is one game that you’ll get addicted to in no time. It’s a great game and it is sure you will be on it for hours at a time like I am! I find myself staying up way passed bedtime because Angry Birds is so fun. Angry Birds is a game everyone needs!

  3. Angry Birds is just about the best game I’ve played on my phone. I like how easy it is to navigate and you never have to worry about the app crashing because in the countless hours I’ve played the game, this has never happened.

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