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Amazing Breaker

Amazing Breaker Review

Amazing Breaker is a game was designed and created by Dekovir Entertainment They first started with PC games but quickly realized that they needed to start looking at the mobile industry as a means for games as well. Since then, they came up with Amazing Breaker it has been a hit ever since. It is one of the most fund and additcting games you have ever played.

Download Amazing Breaker

Enjoy Amazing Breaker on your iPhone

iPhones are one of the biggest draws for people who have phones and are wanting versatility while being mobile. To download the game Amazing Breaker, just go to the Apple app store and type in the name of the game in the search bar. It will find the game, and then buy it for only $0.99. In an flash, you will own the game and it is yours to play whenever. Playing games on the iPhone is cheaper and can be more fun than a PlayStation or Xbox, because the iPhone can go wherever you are.

Why Amazing Breaker is a Great Choice

Dekovir Entertainment has been around for many years, and they started with PC games and were very successful. They took that success and started to gear it towards the mobile gaming industry and their first game out was Amazing Breaker. Amazing Breaker is a fun and addicting game where you launch projectiles and try to destroy elaborate ice formations. Amazing Breaker is one of the best selling games on the market because the graphics are amazing and the gameplay is supurb.

What Does it Cost?

The Amazing Breaker game costs $0.99 and is a one-time purchase. In the game, there are options to purchase items that can help during game play but these are not required. The game has additional in-store items and these will be billed to your phone and carrier if purchased as well. This is cheaper than buying a similar game for your computer, PlayStation or Xbox and can be played anywhere, at virtually anytime.

Final Review of Amazing Breaker

Amazing Breaker is fun and addicting to play. The ability to play this game on the iPhone makes this game one of the best for playing anywhere and at any time. The price of $0.99 is nice and cheap enough that for the money, your enjoyment is worth it. Dekovir Entertainment has designed this game for all gamers in mind, and they are continually bringing updates to the game so to keep the gamers entertained. With over 80 levels of awesome fun, it’s sure to keep your hands busy for a while.

Download Amazing Breaker

3 Reviews

  1. Download Amazing Breaker but remember I am telling you now how addicting it is. I have a Facebook group for it because so many of my friends and family members play and I have my boss playing it now too.

  2. I found Amazing Breaker when someone in my class was playing it. She explained the game to me and it sounded fun and easy so I downloaded it later that night before bed. I kid you not, I played the game for an hour and a half the very first time. It is very addicting and must for anyone who loves playing these fun games on their iPhone. I am kind of new to playing games on my iPhone but the installation of ### is simple and I have yet to have an issue with it crashing or losing my data. I think Amazing Breaker is one everyone needs to try at least once.

  3. I like playing new games on my iPhone and found Amazing Breaker through my old high school buddy who shows his scores on Twitter. I’m now doing the same thing! I don’t see how anyone couldn’t love Amazing Breaker.

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