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Do Smartphone Games Pose a Threat to Consoles

Period Of Transition

The world of gaming is changing by the moment. Smartphones are facing increasing levels of competition from handheld systems, not to mention smartphones. Some suspect that traditional consoles may in fact be approaching their final end. Is this true?

Business As Usual

One reason this may not be true is because of the money factor. The fact is that consoles and their games produce a lot of money. A single console can cost $300, while a single console game can cost $60. Consider what happens if 4 million copies of one game sells. That amounts to $240 million in sales. This means is that there is still a lot of motivation for developers to focus on traditional console games. It costs a lot of money and a lot of time to produce a console game. However, the potential rewards are absolutely enormous.

Replication Of Experience

Another challenge consoles face is that they do not carry over into the mobile esperience. Consider for instance how the Nintendo Wii lets you play a game by using your body but you couldn’t do that on your smartphone. Smartphones are slowly but surely improving. Each year, more powerful smartphones hit the market. They bring with them all sorts of new and exciting features, from flexible screens to augmented reality. Will they ever be able to catch-up to their console peers?

Portable Gaming

Smartphones without a doubt are definitely a threat to portable consoles. They offer the exact same features as consoles like the PSP, but they add along other features like social networking and of course voice calls. This makes them superior to portable consoles in every single way.

Others like Nintendo are embracing the trend toward smartphones by developing more powerful consoles that will some day integrate with smartphones. For instance, the DS utilized a dual screen interface, while the 3DS relied on a stereoscopic 3D display. Plus, new devices are on the way. There’s also the Nvidia Shield, which lets you stream PC games to a mini console, and there’s the Razer Edge Pro, which can handle high-performance games.

Possible Threat

Smartphone currently are posing a threat to traditional console systems. For now and into the future they will be developing the technology. They will continue to affect the sales of portable consoles, and they will have an affect on the success of portable consoles soon. This is why smartphone games are growing by leaps and bounds. Thank you for reading our article that answers the question, do smartphone games pose a threat to consoles.