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Facts about Smartphone Games

Gaming Loyalty Continues to Grow

Gaming loyalty is no joke. Put Playstation 3 fans in a room with Xbox 360 fans and you’re likely to see one very serious debate. The loyalty is so real that it’s not uncommon to find huge lines wrapped around stores prior to the release of a new game. The time has come where mobile games inspire the same grade of loyalty in users.

Price And Portability Considerations

One incredible benefit to mobile games is the price factor. First, almost everybody owns a smartphone. Not everybody owns a console. The problem with a console is that one can run you hundreds of dollars. Second, a console game usually retails for about $59.99, whereas mobile games sell for as little as $1. This makes mobile games much more attractive to people on a thin budget.

Furthermore, mobile games can be accessed from anywhere. So long as you have your phone on you, which most people do at all times, you can play today’s most popular games. It’s not quite so easy to do the same with a huge Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.

Slowdown In Growth of Home Video Games

Once upon a time, everybody went crazy over the ability to stream videos and television shows using their consoles. These days, new trends in console technology have slowed down dramatically. The only real improvement from one generation to the next seems to be in the quality of the graphics. Nothing else ever changes. The controllers remain the same, as does the overall functionality.

The smartphone industry, on the other hand, keeps coming out with new and exciting features like augmented reality, flexible screens, built-in projectors and even holograms. Some of these features have yet to be released, and many of these features aren’t yet being taken advantage of by game developers. However, the potential is extraordinary.

Portable Consoles do Not Measure Up

Smartphone games are also competing against portable consoles like the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. And the truth of the matter is that smart phone games are winning the battle. Back in 2009,Sony held 11% of the market, while Nintendo held 70% of the market. By 2011, Nintendo fell to 36%, Sony fell to 6% and Android and iOS games rose to a whopping 58%!

What’s interesting is the way Nintendo and Sony responded. Nintendo turned the other cheek and continued to do business as usual. Sony, on the other hand, released the Xperia Play, a dual handheld gaming console and smartphone.

Sturdy Grip on Growth

Judging by all this information, it is obvious that smartphone games are definitely taking a sturdy grip of the market. It makes sense because they are cheap and portable. Plus, everybody has a smartphone. What is unknown is whether smartphone games will ever be able to offer the deep gaming experience that tried and true consoles are capable of reproducing. If they ever achieve this, they will without a doubt takeover the entire industry. Thank you for reading this article containing facts about smartphone games.