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PureSight PC

PureSight PC Reviews

PureSight Technologies mission is to provide children with a safe online environment. Started in 1998, with their PureSight Owl, they have offered parents a tool to protect their children from the threats of inappropriate internet behavior PureSight Owl uses both Active Chat Inspector and Active Content Recognition, both proprietary software, to offer children a safe and enjoyable internet environment.

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Complete Internet Protection

Using a multi-layered approach, PureSight offers children protection from the many dangers on the internet,  including bullying on social sites like Facebook and instant messaging, pornography, pedophiles, cyberstalking or simply spending too much time online. The PureSight technology is designed to be user-friendly while offering real time, evasive-proof technology. PureSight PC offers real-time web filtering from pornography, violence and offensive content in real-time, so children are also protected from newly-created content.

Additional Security Features

One of the fastest growing trends on the internet revolves around file sharing. This peer-to-peer technology is often referred to as P2P, and it comes with some enormous risks. With P2P technology, a lot of copyright-protected information is exchanged including music, software, movies and television shows. A parent whos child is involved in this type of illegal activity may find themselves liable for their child’s actions. With PureSight PC, a parent can block their child’s access to specific file share software.

User-Friendly Access and Reports

PureSight PC customers utilize a Parent Portal that conveniently puts all of the production’s controls in one central location, where parents can adjust settings, and tailor each child’s internet access level. Parents can monitor activity through Historical reports, which offer teaching opportunities, or real-time reports, which give a parent essential information so they can protect their child from inappropriate internet content and cyberbullying.

Final Review of PureSight PC

PureSight PC offers an established, easy-to-use, web-based internet security source for parents. PureSight PC customers have the ability to regulate their children’s internet usage while protecting them from the numerous and ever-growing risky internet undesirables. PureSight PC is a time-tested security solution available on computers running a Windows-based operating system. Thank you for reading our PureSight PC review.

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6 Reviews

  1. A new library opened in our community and they are using PureSlight. I thought what an awesome idea! My kids are still pretty young and I’m online with them most of the time, but it is great to know PureSlight has us protected once they’re older.

  2. I read an article about generic internet filter software and I wasn’t sure why anyone would use it. Well, now my oldest is 10 and she is online on her own a lot. That’s who needs it! If you have kids that spend time online and you aren’t game for standing over their shoulder the entire time, PureSlight is an essential tool for you. PureSlight was awesome from the start and I’ve since recommended it to people in our church and at school. I think PureSlight would be great for anyone who doesn’t want to run the risk of being routed to inappropriate content online. The thing about the internet is you don’t really have to go looking for bad stuff – it sort of just finds you eventually. There are a lot of innocent terms and words that will bring up inappropriate content and I don’t want my daughter to be exposed to that junk. With PureSlight I know that she will not come across any of that content and I am able to give her the freedom to be on her computer in her room or in any room by herself. I am glad I found PureSlight and I think it is a must for any home with kids and an internet connection!

  3. PureSlight is a lifesaver. We’d had multiple incidents where our neighbor’s older sons came over and pulled up inappropriate content on our family computer. It was ridiculous. PureSlight prevents anyone from doing that and I’ve since told them to bring their own tablets when coming over!

  4. It was refreshing to see so many good reviews for PureSlight. My wife ordered it about a week ago. I’d never heard of PureSlight but once she explained it to me, I knew it was what we needed for our kids. We’ve had a few incidents where the kids end up places they don’t need to be online and now PureSlight does the filtering for us. I don’t like to watch my kids’ every move because I want them to know we trust them, but with PureSlight I can let them get online without worrying about what they’ll come across. It is a sound investment for parents.

  5. Our 11 year old is already online way too much and that’s why PureSlight was recommended to us by our babysitter of all people. She said the program is very popular for limiting how much time a kid spends online. I am so thankful she told us about PureSlight. Set up was easy and I think it is a great program for those who want to limit both the time a kid is playing online plus filter out what they don’t need to see. It is hard to monitor every move they make online and with PureSlight most of the work is done for you

  6. PureSlight is used by my daughter’s private school, so I figured maybe I should use it at our home too. Installation was a breeze and now I have peace of mind that my kids aren’t exposed to the scary stuff.

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