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McAfee Safe Eyes

McAfee Safe Eyes Review

The SafeEyes software was originally designed and offered to the public by Internet Safety. After McAfee purchased Internet Safety, the software is now available on the McAfee label as McAfee Safe Eyes. McAfee is a world-wide leader in internet security and offers its customers an extensive support system, offering protection to parents from the many and varied threats of the internet out there today.

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Effective and Customizable Website Blocking

McAfee SafeEyes offers parents a highly effective and customizable way to block pornography from their child’s computer. This protection even extends to swimsuits, sex related topics and lingerie. McAfee SafeEyes lets parents use 35 different web filtering categories including, violence, guns, drugs and gangs to customize their child’s internet experience. In addition to blocking pornography, SafeEyes efficiently allows a parent to set controls for any unwanted websites.

Providing Safe Internet Usage for Children

Predators use private online messaging and social media sites as methods to commit their crimes. SafeEyes provides parents with the ability to block instant messaging from strangers while allowing their kids to chat with their friends. SafeEyes also allows parents to block access to chat rooms, or provide access while monitoring their content and also the choice to block social networks, or monitor their children’s activities on approved sites.

Online Gaming Dangers

Some parents do not realize that online gaming can present unwanted chat room opportunities to their kids. The problem is not in the games, but the public interaction with strangers including chatting. Unfortunately, there are documented cases of pedophiles using the chat portion of online games to find victims. With SafeEyes, parents can block the social portion of online gaming while allowing their children to enjoy the actual games.

Final Review of McAfee SafeEyes

McAfee SafeEyes offers concerned parents with a comprehensive online safety software that is customizable, and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and free customer support. SafeEyes customers receive active reports via email either daily or weekly. Plus, parents can be instantly alerted if their child attempts to access any blocked content or site by email, text or phone call. Thank you for reading our McAfee SafeEyes review.

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2 Reviews

  1. I read about SafeEyes on a parenting blog and it is so cool! I am OK with computers but I know that my kids inevitably will run across content I don’t want them to see online, no matter what they’re doing. With SafeEyes you can let your kids run wild on the internet and you don’t have to worry about what they’re seeing. I know SafeEyes is recommended by many different parenting sites and I can see why. We’ve used it for a few months now and no problems! SafeEyes is a wise investment and we are very pleased with the purchase.

  2. SafeEyes is the best way to keep your kids safe online. There are a lot of terms or phrases that aren’t sexual but can somehow lead to unsafe places on the net. With SafeEyes my husband and I don’t have to fret or worry what the kids are up to.

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