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CYBERsitter Review

Since 1990, CYBERsitter’s parent company Solid Oak Software has been committed to computer security. They have been a leading innovator in internet security since the first chatrooms were created. In addition, they are trailblazers in the internet security business. CYBERsitter first became available to consumers in 1995 as a retail product through big-box stores. Now, CYBERsitter can be quickly downloaded online.

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Keeping Children Safe on the Internet

A real and growing concern for parents today is finding ways to ensure their children are safe when using the internet.  CYBERsitter helps parents protect their children by monitoring their internet behavior and controlling the content. CYBERsitter allows parents a customizable way to block their children’s access to inappropriate adult content on the web. Parents can monitor and record their child’s internet activity in real-time.

Social Media Protection

Social Media usage is a growing trend that does not appear to be ending any time soon. CYBERsitter monitors children’s usage of Facebook, Twitter and various newsgroups. Families with multiple children can customize CYBERsitter’s setting to meet the individual needs of each child.  CYBERsitter even has an additional security feature to block or monitor Skype, a video conferencing software that can provide dangerous people access to children.

No Cookies Allowed

An important part of surfing the internet safety involves protecting your personal information from being collected. Some websites use something called ‘cookies’ to gather information from the people browsing their site. CYBERsitter blocks a website’s ability to leave cookies, providing greater protection while your child uses the internet. Harmful redirects are another security issue for parents, but with CYBERsitter, children can browse safely because redirects are blocked.

Pricing and Set-Up

CYBERsitter provides complete internet security for up to 3 computers for $39.95 per year. Another attractive feature is privacy. When using CYBERsitter, the software is installed on the user’s computer and information is not transmitted back to the software developer, so users don’t have to worry about third-party monitoring.  CYBERsitter works with all Windows versions, both 32-bit and 64-bit and once installed, CYBERsitter works on any browser.

Final Review of CYBERsitter

A child today is only a few keystrokes away from inappropriate or dangerous situations, and CYBERsitter offers concerned parents a viable solution. CYBERsitter provides parents with thorough and secure internet protection software. The company that provides CYBERsitter has been in business for a long time and they are committed to offering their customers with a solid internet safety solution. Thank you for reading our CYBERsitter review.

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3 Reviews

  1. CYBERsitter works for our family because we are major fans of getting kids off the internet as much as possible. My kids are all very young so their computer skills are almost better than mine at this point. They are just part of the generation where using a computer is second nature. Because of this it also means they want to spend nearly every waking second online and that’s something we can’t have. With CYBERsitter we are able to put a cap on how long the kids are on the computer. They would surf the web all day and night if we let them. With CYBERsitter we don’t really have to battle them to get off the computer because they know when the program tells them their time is up, their time is up. It has really become that easy! I recommend CYBERsitter for any home where parents want to safeguard what their children see online or those who want to limit internet time. It is a nice tool to have that protects your kids and prevents you from having to breathe down their necks. My husband didn’t think it would make a major difference, but it has cut down on their internet consumption.

  2. Our 14 year old and his friends take our family laptop into the bedroom for hours. With Cybersitter I know they are protected from content that may get us in trouble with those families! Set up was easy and it works like a charm.

  3. I was really excited to find Cybersitter. I read about it on a friend’s Facebook page and then did my own research before buying it. It seems to have awesome reviews across the web and I know for us, Cybersitter came at just the right time. Our 12 year old now has his own laptop and is on his own when it comes to surfing the web. I know we can’t protect him from every bad thing out there, but with Cybersitter I know a lot of it is filtered out and that gives us a reason to sleep easy at night. I am very satisfied with Cybersitter.

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