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Recognizing Online Risks

Everything is Online

The Internet. It’s forever changing, evolving and everyone it seems is online these days. Children in particular are inclined to live a large amount of their lives connected to the Internet and in cyberspace. Schools and other organizations now utilize the sheer volume of information that can be found on the Internet. In fact the Internet has become the primary means of communication between many people and this is where Internet filter software can be an indispensable tool for parents who are looking to keep their kids safe while surfing the Internet.

Things to Look For

The Internet can be very useful and also very dangerous to kids using it. It is useful in the sense of finding valuable information and being used for projects and learning. But it also hides the risks of cyberbullying, sexting, lurking sexual predators, and even pornography. Cyberbullying has reached a new level. This type of bullying doesn’t just stop at the playground or the school. It can follow a child anytime and anywhere online. Children and teens alike are emotionally fragile and can be susceptible to bullying online.

Sexting: It Does Happen

If cyberbullying isn’t enough for some parents to really look at Internet filter software, sexting may be. Children and teens are either taking or sending sexually explicit or suggestive photos of themselves. Many times these are sent, they are sent to friends who are expected to keep the photos private. However, most kids aren’t mature enough to do this type of thing, and instead of the picture staying private it gets shared by many. This type of activity can be used to shame or humiliate someone and is another form of cyberbullying.

Sexual Predators: The Worst Fear

This is the worst fear for any parent of a child and that is the sexual predator. These types of people will intentionally start conversations with children and work to gain their trust. They use false names, ages, even genders to get children to believe they are who they are. They work towards grooming their target, which is your child or any child into a sexual encounter, sometimes online, and sometimes in person. This result can be damaging psychologically and potentially dangerous on a physical level.

Pornography: It Should Not Be Seen by kids

There are many sites that have pornography and some that even display child pornography. Pornographers like to offer their content and wares to children out of monetary profit or a way to get to the child and eventually seduce them into the pornography world. Sexual predators like to use these sites to get child pornography but if they can, they would rather get it from a child themselves. Internet filter software can be used and is very effective. But you should also be involved with your kids.