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Protection for Kids Now

Software can help

Children can get into all kinds of mischief and this mischievousness can turn into bigger troubles. With the internet being popular with children and adults alike, a control or filter that will only allow access to certain pages is very important. It keep kids from looking at unwanted or unapproved content. Net Nanny is a tool that can be used for just these types of needs when it comes to protecting children.

Protection for Them and Protection for You

Net Nanny is a tool that offers multiple lines of protection. Designed to be used with any size family, it has the ability to track and manage their experiences while online. Net Nanny has tools built inside of it which parents can use to track what their children are looking at online. It can also regulate how long the kids are online, and what content they are looking at. This information can be then sent back to the program and recorded. It is protection for the children from online predators, pornography, and other hurtful or bad images and content, but also protection for the parents. It is constantly working in the background and the information can be pulled up at any time.

How It Works

Net Nanny can be downloaded onto any computer and run. Its user-friendly program can make it easy to setup which sites are allowed and which aren’t. Parents can now access this information via an Android or iOS app. The Net Nanny’s filters prevent children from stumbling upon pornographic sites, talking to strangers in a chat room, and accessing unsolicited or dangerous sites as well. It can also be used to prevent kids from seeing horrific and graphic pictures. These pictures can range from nudes to pictures of death, dying, and bodies. Net Nanny can be there to make sure that children enjoy using the Internet.

The Traditional Choice

Net Nanny is something that many parents like because of the control it gives them where the Internet is concerned. It protects children and at the same time protects the parents from having to explain something that was seen that shouldn’t have. It adds safety and security so your kids can enjoy their youth unscathed. Net Nanny is also hacker-resistant. Parents now know that their children will be safe from unwanted parties showing their kids unsolicited material. As your children grow, so can their privileges on the Internet but only in due time. Net Nanny is there when you can’t be.