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Internet Pornography Statistics Overview

Its Everywhere

When it comes to pornography, most think of movies or magazines. That, however, has changed with the invention of the Internet. The Internet has made it easier to produce, show, and view pornography and the stats have continually progressed to show this.

By the Numbers

Internet pornography has become a very large business. In fact roughly 12% of the websites that make up the Internet have something to deal with pornography. This is well over 24 million websites! It has shown to be something that is very lucrative when it comes to money as well. On average the amount of money that is spent either watching, renting, or discussing pornography is around $3,000 per second. That’s a lot of money for something that many still consider to be a sin. But it doesn’t stop there.

Every State Is Guilty

If the thinking that it only happens in certain states, think again. Every single state has pornography, just some more than others. A lot more in fact. Some states produce pornographic material at almost double the volume what the states which produce the lowest amounts. Is this contributed to certain factors or just that those in the high pornography states are well more sexually active and driven? Unfortunately the models really don’t give this information so it’s only speculation.

Can Porn Be Positive?

While many might even remotely think this could be positive, in some areas it actually can be. Sometimes, watching or reading pornographic material can help with intimacy while in the bedroom. Other times it can help stimulate the brain to think and act clearer and respond faster. Of men who were committed and in a relationship or married, in this survey 30% said they used it to help them in the bedroom. The same number of women were polled and it was found that 13% of women admitted to this as well.

Not All Good

Some people who have used internet pornography and find themselves addicted have been treated for mental health instability. Internet pornography is considered by many to be wrong and immoral. In reality, however, it is very profitable, and while not here to decide its morality, the truth is that it is legal in most states. But when it comes to children, there is no excuse for pornography and this type is very much illegal. Protecting children from watching it or being a part in anyway should be the most important thing any parent does.