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Children and Internet Safety

The Internet is Changing

The Internet has changed a great deal since it was created and with more technology, the ability to access it has increased. Children are more and more likely to get online now than ever before and with this, the amount of risk to them increases. From online predators, scams, and pornography, these are all things that no one wants their children to see. Yet 1 in 3 kids are exposed to these threats daily.

Protect Them

There are ways that children can be protected from the dangers of the Internet. One way that this can be done is limit the amount of time spent online. By doing this, not only will the children be limited in time, but also limited in the amount of exposure they have with any possible predators online. Another way is to keep anything that can be connected to the Internet out of the bedroom. Kids like to play with gadgets and something that can allow them access to the Internet when no adult is around, can be bad news. Removing these types of items provide children with a layer of security.

Few More Safety Measures

Additional safety measures can be taken. For one, never allow your child or children to give anyone their real name or personal information about themselves. Online predators can use this information and find out many things if they know what to look for. In addition, set safety nets. The nets are basically security measures on the computer that will allow for what the children can and cannot see or look at. It restricts their usage and if they try to go to an unapproved location, it won’t let the child in. This gives the parents peace of mind and security they need.

Your Children are Your Life

When it comes to your children, internet boundaries are important. Limiting their time, removing electronics with Internet capabilities, not giving real names, or setting up safety nets, can all be means to protecting the children from the bad side of the internet. Sex offenders and predators live on the Internet and without protecting your children, they can get access to them and quickly. Protect your children because if you don’t, someone can find a way to get to them and that is any parent’s worst fear. A bit of safety now can mean a world of protection later.