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Provillus Reviews

Provillus is a topical solution applied directly to the scalp twice per day with little to no side effects at all. It is specially formulated for men who are suffering from hair loss, male pattern balding and receding hairlines. The FDA-approved active ingredient in Provillus is minoxidil. Minoxidil, combined with a special blend of vitamins and herbs, consumers continually claim that Provillus produces a thicker head of hair within as little time as just a couple of months.

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Why a Full Head of Hair

Ask any bald person why they would want a full head of hair again and the answer will be unanimous. Their hair helped them to feel confident, secure, and able to take on the world. A strong hairline is attractive to the opposite sex, it signifies youth, and it increases self-esteem. Fortunately, those suffering from male pattern baldness can now begin to regain their hair with the help of Provillus. The main ingredient, minoxidil, has been proven to promote the regrowth of hair!

How Provillius Works

Provillius uses the ingredient known as ‘minoxidil’ to help the regrowth of hair. According to the FDA, minoxidil is the only ingredient on the market clinically proven to show hair growth. Users should apply the product directly to their scalp twice every day for the best results. Hair growth can be expected within 3 to 6 months after consistent daily usage of Provillius.  Provillus is only recommended for men who are balding and suffering from hair loss that is not a direct result of an illness.

Why is Provillius Unique

Unlike other hair regrowth products, Provillius has been formulated to be used only by men. The product uses 5% minoxidil as it’s main ingredient, which is a bit stronger than other products. It also does not make your hair feel greasy, which is a common complaint by users of similar hair restoration products. These two reasons alone should have you running to the phone to grab your first months supply!

What Does It Cost

You won’t have to break your piggy bank open to get a monthly supply of Provillius. Currently, a supply for one month will cost $39.95.  A two month supply will cost $69.95. Users who want to buy in bulk can purchase a 4 month supply for $119.95, or a 6 month supply for $159.95. The 4 month option comes with 1 free bottle and the 6 month option comes with 2 free bottles.

Final Review of Provillius

Overall, Provillius is a solid option for anyone seeking to reverse the effects of hairloss. It contains 5% minoxidil, which is FDA approved for male pattern baldness. The product is applied directly to the scalp twice per day and can be purchased for as little as $39.95 per month.  Users who are consistent in the usage of this product will begin to see results in 3 to 6 months. Thank you for reading our Provillius review.

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