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Profollica Review

Profollica reviews state that is a two part system to help treat hair loss. Profollica starts with an oral supplement taken daily which works from the inside out. Additionally, the Profollica Activator Gel With Trichogen actively blocks DHT, the chemical created by testosterone in the body. Men find the Profollica system easy to use on a daily basis to make part of their routines. The earlier you begin Profollica on your hair loss journey, they more likely you are able to retain the hair you do have, while possibly bringing back your old hairline. Profollica reviews say the product works to regrow hair in thinning areas, which makes the head of hair look fuller overall.

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Profollica reviews are excited to report that the product has minoxidil which attacks the abundance of DHT that is preventing hair growth. Profollica gives you visibly thicker hair, which is what many men are after. The 60 day guarantee is reasonable and Profollica states you can expect results about a month after you begin using the system. This is a reasonable claim and doesn’t make empty promises of instant results. While this may be the thing many men want, it is best for the hair follicle to be stimulated slowly which results in sustainable hair growth and reduced hair loss.


  • When used in the earliest stages of hair loss, Profollica drastically reduces the amount of hair that will be lost due to DHT.
  • While 30 days is recommended for visible results, remember that many studies show that DHT only begins to diminish at the 30 day mark. It may take another 30 days before you see the results of Profollica, making it a commitment to try if you truly want to see results.
  • The three step system is easy to use. There is a shampoo, a gel and an oral tablet.

Hair should be washed with the Profollica shampoo. This is supposed to remove the natural oils and any residue of DHT at the hair follicles. In many Profollica reviews, a regular shampoo was used instead and the person still saw considerable results with the gel and oral tablet. This is left up to the user and Profollica does recommend using the entire system.

The shampoo should be washed out and followed by the gel. The gel works as a topical treatment applied to the scalp and should not be washed out.

There are no known side effects of using Profollica, ranking it at the top of the list for hair loss treatment systems on the market. Profollica is available without a prescription.

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