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Top 5 Explanations For Hair Loss

Several Reasons for Hair Loss

The scientific community cannot pinpoint one solid reason why people suffer from hair loss. There are many things that contribute to hair loss and those reasons vary from person to person. Lifestyle and diet play a large role in our overall health and can affect our hair growth patterns and the health of our hair. The following are several explanations as to why men and women lose their hair.

Explanation for Hair Loss #1:

Androgens are the hormones most responsible for hair loss in men. One of the strongest androgens is testosterone, which forms another hormone dubbed DHT. DHT is produced and clogs the hair follicle, preventing new hair from growing in that area. This tends to be at the front of the hair line, resulting in a receding hairline. Even men who grew up with very thick, lustrous hair can suffer from DHT because it is in the genes.

Explanation for Hair Loss #2

The overproduction of sebum is also to blame for hair loss. This can occur in both men and women. When the skin produces too much oil, it comes out every surface of the skin, including the scalp. The sebum works much like DHT and stands in the way of the new hair follicle growing through the scalp. In this case, the person may not experience severe hair loss that is noticeable. Instead, hair just does not grow back and when it does, it is thin and unhealthy.

Explanation for Hair Loss #3

Poor blood flow to the scalp area is another reason people experience hair loss. This is usually because the person is not getting enough nutrients that promote healthy blood flow. Small fixes for poor blood flow can be scalp massages, but overall a healthy diet rich in fruit, vegetables and protein will keep enough nutrients in the system for blood to flow in a healthy manner.

Explanation for Hair Loss #4

Blockage of hair growth at the follicle is a reoccurring theme with hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone is another reason many men lose their hair early on. This is created by testosterone in the system and clogs the scalp, stopping the growth of new hair. Those who experience the classic pattern of male baldness may have high levels of dihydrotestosterone in their systems.

Explanation for Hair Loss #5

The combination of poor diet and health habits, overproduction of an androgen or sebum plus repeated chemicals used on the hair can all join forces and contribute to hair loss. The latter is mostly aimed at women who often use hot tools on the hair, which can damage or thin existing hair. In modern society, many people have poor health habits, which, when paired with hereditary traits or frequent use of hot tools will result in thinning hair and hair loss.