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Pinpointe Reviews

Pinpointe is located in Silicon Valley, California. Pinpointe was founded by Silicon Valley executives with an eye for design. Their team is comprised of passionate marketers, managers, and problem solvers. Over the years, Pinpointe has created a wide array of email marketing services that deliver wonderful results.

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Why Email Marketing Works

Email marketing is the best and most cost-effective way to connect with clients. Email marketing is simple. You create an email campaign and send it out to customers. This lets you update your clients with new information. Instead of trying to code your own emails, you can use email marketing services to do the work for you. Email marketing services will help you create beautiful-looking emails. In addition, with email marketing services you can track your clients like never before. Email marketing services are essential for small business and large corporations alike. There is no better way to gain and manage all of your clients in one place.

Why Pinpointe is Different

Pinpointe has an intuitive interface. Users of any skill level can create and manage beautiful email campaigns. With Pinpointe, customers can schedule or pause an email campaign. This is great for customers who are constantly updating their information. In addition, Pinpointe allows customers to carry out bulk email tasks. Instead of spending hours clicking through hundreds of emails, you can take care of it all with one click. They also make it easy for businesses to get more customers. You can watch your clients grow with real-time graphs and charts. And, you can even target specific customers. Pinpointe is different from other email marketing campaign companies because you can send emails to clients based on specific keywords. This way, you can target new clients easily.

What Does it Cost

Pinpointe features different packages. If you have 200,000 clients, you would pay $898 a month. But if you only have 5,000 clients, you would pay $49 a month. In addition, depending on how often you pay, you can reduce your costs. If you pay in 6-month increments, you can save up to seven dollars. Pinpointe makes it easy for businesses of every size to stay connected to their clients.

Support & Help

PinPpointe has a wide range of customer service options. They feature free demos on their website, but if you want more personal help, they give that as well. Pinpointe can be contacted via email any time of day. Or, you can call them until six p.m. Monday to Friday.

Final Review of Pinpointe

Email marketing is a great way to stay in contact with clients. If you are a growing company, there is no better way to gain new customers. By tracking clients, targeting specific groups of people, and creating flawless emails, you can make more money with email marketing. Pinpointe lets you send, delete, and track emails in bulk. You no longer have to spend hours clicking through single emails. Thank you for reading our Pinpointe reviews.

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