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iContact Review

iContact was founded in 2003. It is an online service provider dedicated to giving customers the highest quality email marketing services available. It is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. iContact is a mid-sized business that is easy to connect with. They are a well-regarded email marketing service, so when you work with iContact, you can be sure that you’ll get great results.

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How Email Marketing Works

Businesses and individuals can use email marketing to generate new customers. By sending well-formatted, beautiful emails directly to clients, businesses can stay up-to-date with the newest technological trends. Instead of struggling to understand HTML, email marketing services will do the work for you. This type of marketing is necessary for small businesses. Without email marketing, businesses wouldn’t be able to effectively connect with clients. There is no better way to keep your customers up-to-date than with email. By crafting professional-looking emails, you can stay ahead of your competition.

Why iContact is Unique

Unlike other services that require a large amount of skill, beginners can use iContact. iContact has some unique features that make it easy for beginners to create beautiful emails. With a drag and drop message creator, customers can choose from hundreds of templates. Once a template is chosen, you can drag and drop images, colors, links, and texts. With iContact, you can project your brand’s image to hundreds of clients. iContact also lets you track customer clicks. You can see who opened and who didn’t open your emails. Then you can create high-quality emails that can target specific audiences.

Costs and Customer Help

Depending on the level of subscribers you want, there is a price package for you. For up to 5,000 subscribers, you can pay $47.00 a month. But if you have a smaller business, and only have 500 subscribers, then you can pay $14.00 a month. iContact will grow with you, so if you get more clients, you can change your price package. iContact has wonderful customer support. Their award-winning program makes it easy for customers to connect with experts. Whether you need help setting up a template or tracking customers, iContact can help. iContact can be contacted by phone, chat, or email.

Final Review of iContact

Email marketing is the best way to meet and stay connected to clients. Through email marketing services, your business can create flawless and beautiful emails. Customers will be drawn to your professional emails, and you will be able to make more money. Instead of spending countless hours trying to learn HTML, iContact can do the work for you. iContact provides great customer service and an easy-to-use drag and drop template. Businesses of any skill level can use iContact with ease. Thank you for reading our iContact review.

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4 Reviews

  1. If you need a company that is going to support their customers, iContact is for you. Instead of struggling over how to set up emails, I have been able to create flawless emails without any problems. Whenever I call iContact, they are super helpful. The last time I called iContact, I only had to wait for about two minutes before someone answered. The staff was helpful and they answered my question. Even though I had a really weird question, they were able to help me immediately. I love working with iContact because everyone is so friendly. You should look into iContact.

  2. iContact is the best company I’ve ever used. iContact helps me create emails that look like they were created by a graphic designer. They are professional and clean, so I can get more clients! You need to use iContact right now.

  3. iContact has been the best email marketing service that I used. In the past, I was working with another service, but each email looked undone and unprofessional. I started using iContact in 2011 and at first I was really nervous. I’m not very good at design, but they are really easy to use. Once I started using iContact, I got really into it. I was able to create really nice looking campaigns that make my customers surprised. Since I started working with iContact, I have generated a lot of new clients, so I am very happy with iContact. You should think about using iContact too.

  4. iContact has been really supportive. When I first started, I only had 500 clients, but iContact was able to grow with me. Now, I send emails to over 250,000 clients because of iContact. And, my clients are growing daily.

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