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Constant Contact

Constant Contact Review

Constant Contacts launched their company in 1998. Over the years since its inception, Constant Contact has grown from a tiny business to a leading email marketing business. Currently, Constant Contact has over 500,000 customers in many nations across the globe. They are a trusted email marketing company that will get you the product you want and the results you need.

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The Efficiency of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a way for businesses to send information to their customers. Instead of cold calling clients, you can create flawless email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is a cost effective way to generate new customers and get more money. Instead of spending thousands of dollars hiring personal marketing specialists, you can use email marketing software to do the work for you. Email marketing services offer a variety of features so that customers of any skill level can create and manage multiple campaigns.

Unique Features of Constant Contact

Constant Contact makes it easy for users to create email campaigns. They include beautifully designed templates and drag-and-drop editing programs. No matter your skill level, you can use this product. Constant Contact also makes it easy for you to get new customers. They provide an email management system so you can track all over your customers in one place. Unlike other email marketing companies, Constant Contact makes it easy for your subscribers to share your campaigns with friends and family so your business can quickly grow.

Customer Care and Cost

Constant Contact has a great resource center. Their frequently asked questions page breaks down their most important questions. But if you have other questions, you can chat live with specialists. In addition to the live chat, they also provide email and phone support. Constant Contact has different prices. If you have up to 500 clients, you can pay $15.00 a month. If you have upwards of 25,000 clients, you can pay $295.00 a month. The good thing about this price range is that you can upgrade your services as your company grows.

Final Review of Constant Contact

With email marketing services, you don’t have to waste time trying to perfect your email campaigns. Email marketing services will do the hard work for you. Because Constant Contact is a trusted company, you can be sure that your email campaigns will be flawless. Constant Contact makes it easy for users to share information over social media. When your customers share your campaign, you can grow your client base in no time.  Thank you for reading our Constant Contact review.

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3 Reviews

  1. If you are looking for a service that is helpful and easy to use, I think you should look into Constant. They are reasonably priced and they provide an awesome service. I have never compained about Constant once!

  2. After I spent 20 wasted hours trying to craft a really good email campaign, I gave up. I was about to shut down my company because we were almost bankrupt. My friend told me about Constant, and even though I didn’t want to, I signed up. After using Constant for only three weeks, I was able to see a major difference. My client list has grown and now I send emails out to around 10,000 subscribers. My business is no longer failing. I now have plenty of reliable customers and, with Constant, I can manage all of my emails. I love using Constant and I am so glad that I started using them.

  3. Constant is the best email marketing service out there. I have been searching for this kind of service for years and I am so glad that I’ve finally found it! The staff at Constant is so supportive and helpful. I would never get another service.

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