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How to Avoid Email Spam

The Simple Fact

Spam is all but a fact of life for those that use the Internet on a regular basis, but most would rather not have to deal with it at all. This is especially true of spam emails which clog up folders and make finding important messages an unnecessarily time consuming ordeal. In fact, studies have shown that over half of the emails that the average person receives on a daily basis are spam emails. All of this points to one simple fact: you need to know what makes an email spam.

Words to Watch Out For

One of the primary ways that email filters pick out spam is by watching for certain words. Emails that contain words such as “guaranteed,” “credit card,” or “free,” especially when they are used in abundance, cause a red flag for the filters. Including these words in your emails, especially bulk emails sent out to new addresses, will likely land your message in the recipient’s spam folder.

Keep Things Simple

It’s important  to keep your messages simple. Filters also watch out for emails using funky formatting. Messages with excessive punctuation or use of symbols will likely be flagged as spam. The same is true for emails with text that isn’t black or emails written solely in capital letters. Keep things simple and you greatly increase the chances of your emails not being labeled as spam.

Email Marketing

While spam can definitely be a worry when sending personal emails to friends, family, and colleagues, it is an especially large worry for businesses engaged in email marketing. In fact, spam filters are the bane of email marketing as they send advertisements and promotions straight to spam out of the customer’s eyes. Fortunately, following the tips above and writing your email in as traditional a manner as possible will greatly improve your chances of getting through to your desired audience.

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing services know their way around spam filters and will ensure that your important messages end up in their recipient’s primary inbox’s and not their spam folders. In today’s day and age of the Internet and technology, there is just no getting around spam. It is a fact of life. Luckily though, by following the simple guidelines outlined above or by hiring a professional email marketing service, you can greatly minimize the chances of your important emails being labeled as spam.