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Precor EFX 5

Precor EFX 5 Reviews

Precor is a fitness equipment manufacturer that has designed quality machines for health clubs and home use for 30 years. Their innovative technology focuses on smooth, ergonomic motion, proven science, and quality construction. In 1995, Precor introduced the first ever elliptical trainer, the Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer™ (EFX®).

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Benefits of Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines offer natural, comfortable motion with a low-impact workout that engages all m major muscle groups for a full-body workout. Using an elliptical machine puts less stress on knees, hips, and back than running, and delivers the same level of cardio stimulation. Users can program different levels of difficulty to increase the value of their workout over time. Since the machine works out the entire body at once, users can can exercise time in half over more targeted machines.

Why Precor EFX is Different

Precor EFX has a smaller footprint than most exercise machines; it doesn’t take up much space. User can tailor their exercise experience with eight different programs and 16 levels of resistance. By adjusting the CrossRamp feature, users can change positions from low to medium to high in order to target specific muscle groups. Angle settings adjust from 15 degrees to 25 degrees. Users can also choose to change direction of the motion, in effect, pedaling backwards.

Cost of the Product

Amazon lists the Precor EFX 5 elliptical trainer for $2,999.00 with free shipping. While you can buy a lower cost elliptical trainer, you’re unlikely to find this level of quality and number of features at a lower price. In addition, every piece of equipment they sell is backed by one of the best warranties in the industry and this amazing warranty also adds value for the price.

Final Review of Precor EFX 5
Precor EFX is a premium elliptical loaded with options for users at any level of fitness, and the low-impact motion helps prevent injury while delivering a challenging aerobic workout. The company is well known for quality construction and pioneering work in ergonomic design. The mid-price range makes this feature-rich elliptical trainer attractive to home users and health clubs alike. Thanks for reading our Precor EFX 5reviews.

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6 Reviews

  1. I worked out at the YMCA for years but there are now way too many kids crawling around for my taste. The Precor elliptical was a good price and it is a great machine. I am on it four times a week and time flies by.

  2. I have wanted some sort of at-home gym equipment for a long time but I wasn’t sure how to best spend the money I’d saved for the project. I have a small spare room so I am limited with what I can have and figured an elliptical machine is good for many purposes, plus my sister can use it since she lives next door. We have used the Precor elliptical machine for over six weeks and are loving it. It is so convenient to have a piece of gym equipment in your home. I am very lucky to have the space for Precor and it is an easy machine to use and keep clean. I just dust it down every few days and it has worked well every time we go to use it. My sister owned an elliptical machine in the past and it didn’t have all of the cool settings that this one does nor did it come with the programs to keep your heart rate high throughout your workout. We are both pleased with the machine and know it is a routine we can stick with for life. I use it every morning and she uses it every afternoon.

  3. I am about 50 pounds overweight and looking to get in shape. The Precor elliptical machine is very comfortable to use at my size which is very nice compared to working out at a gym where I am very self-conscious.

  4. I have always wanted to be the type of person who wakes up and works out. When I do practice this (probably only a dozen times a year!) I love the way I feel all day. This is what motivated me to buy the Precor elliptical machine. With the machine in my house, it’s almost impossible not to work out. It is easy to wake up and get dressed and get going. I keep my workout clothes ready to go so it’s the first thing I do every day. The Precor quality is better than any other machine I’ve owned too.

  5. Simple setup! After fighting with the last elliptical we bought (which lasted only four years), the Precor elliptical machine was a breeze to get going and it feels like a solid machine every time we use it.

  6. There is no reason to buy a more expensive machine. The Precor elliptical machine is fantastic for those who are starting to work out for the first time or those who are veterans and know how to use the machine. Let me stress it is very simple to use, even for an elderly person like myself and I enjoy that the workout is not over the top nor does it hurt my knees and ankles like the treadmill does. The Precor elliptical machine is worth every penny and I am so thankful we bought it when we did because I am using it constantly.

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