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The Skinny on Elliptical Machines

Get Off The Treadmill

If you’ve grown tired of the treadmill as your go-to form of working out, then you might consider trying an elliptical machine for a change. Ellipticals provide a variety of features and different workouts that treadmills can’t necessarily give you when you’re breaking a sweat. If you’re someone with joint problems, an elliptical also might become the standard for your future workout routines.

Additional Features Found on Ellipticals

Elliptical machines provide many features not seen on your typical treadmill. There are different variables available on an elliptical machine, as well as the option to use your arms if the elliptical you are using has movable handles, which most machines nowadays have. These allow for a cross-training workout, moving both your arms and legs in a back-and-forth motion for the duration of your exercise time.

Several Workouts, One Machine

Ellipticals are non-impact. With running, you land with your feet on the ground or belt of the treadmill with every step. This makes ellipticals a good choice for those with joint problems. There are additional workouts you can perform on an elliptical as well. Some ellipticals have the option for an inclined workout, which increases the use of muscles typically found in the backs of your legs. You can also workout backwards, reversing your movement so that other muscles in your legs.

Keep working hard: avoid a “cheating,” relaxed workout

The one drawback to working out on an elliptical is that it can become easy to do a workout. The motion of your legs going forward and backward can become especially easy if you allow the gravity and the machine’s mechanisms to do the work for you. As a result, the machine’s calorie calculator isn’t always an accurate indicator of what you’ve burned off. Keeping these items in mind, you are still more than capable of having an active workout on the elliptical, if you use it the right way.

Elliptical Wrap-Up

An elliptical machine is just like any other workout you perform. Whether in the gym or at home, you need to do the workout right in order for it to become effective. There’s no reason why an elliptical can’t bring you the results you desire in your aerobic workout routine. With enough dedication, you’re on your way to producing a better you.