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5 Home Security Tips

Protect Yourself & Your Family

The security of your empty house can be a constant concern while you are away either short-term or long-term. Below are some home security tips that can be helpful in preventing crimes while you are away. Generally speaking, burglars are looking for easy targets. If they can tell you’re away, they know they will have more time to ransack your house and look for items that they deem to be valuable. Below are five quick and easy home security tips that may reduce your chances of being a target for a burglary and provide you with additional home security.

Install Good-Quality Locks

The first thing you can do to protect your house is to make sure it is securely locked in such a way that burglars are not guaranteed easy access. To minimize the ease of entry for criminals, it is essential to install and utilize a strong lock. Statistics reveal that if burglars are unable to break through a locked door or window within the first few seconds, they tend to leave that house and look for an easier target. A strong door with a solid lock is one of the most important precautions that you may take to prevent burglary.

Don’t Forget Your Windows

The next available entry point into your house is your windows. Do not forget that an unlocked window is an invitation for burglars from the ground level of your home. It is important to remember to install a system that will not allow a burglar to easily open your windows from the outside. If a window does not have a locking device, it is essential to find a way to secure the window from the inside so no one from the outside can easily slide it open and gain easy access to your home. When the entry doors and windows of your house are secured, more than half of security troubles for your house are solved!

Use of Lights & Sound Effects

You want criminals to believe that you’re home, and lights and noise are the perfect way to make an unoccupied home appear to be occupied. On the other hand, lights that remain on all day, especially porch lights, can have the opposite effect. The important thing is to learn how to use indoor and outdoor lights effectively to give the impression that someone is home so the house is not an easy target. Timers are the best way to successfully achieve this goal. The timers can be used not only for lights but for TVs and radios, too, to provide “sound effects” and create the impression that someone is in the house.

Lock Your Garage

The garage is another route by which many burglars enter homes. Often it is easy to forget to lock the door from the garage into your home. It is not difficult to gain entry through a garage door that is unlocked. When you leave your house, make sure to lock not only the door into your home from the garage, but also your garage door, ensuring proper security for your house.

Fake it to Save It

One easy and inexpensive way to protect your house from burglary or theft is to install fake home security systems, cameras and lawn signs. Thieves looking to rob your home will likely be deterred since they are looking for easy access and not looking to be seen. The cost to you is minimal but the effect is great. You’ll create the impression of a highly protected house with all the high-tech security gadgets without the expense! The garage is another route by which many burglars enter homes. When you are away from your home, you want it to be safe and sound and not appear to be an easy target. These basic steps can help safeguard your house from possible theft or burglary.