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Regal e Cigs

Regal eCigs Review

Regal e-cigs is an American electronic cigarette company that has been in business since 2010. They have American offices in California and Arizona, and an international office located in East Sussex. Their products have a lifetime warranty, and the company really stands behind its electronic cigarette products.

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Regal eCigs are the Healthier alternative

Electronic cigarettes do not contain a lot of the harmful chemicals that comes from tobacco cigarettes. There are over 4000 chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes contain no smoke or ash because you don’t have to use a flame to light them. These means there’s no second-hand smoke. This eliminates the danger of many of the health risks associated with tobacco cigarettes.

It Feels Like You’re Smoking

You can still get the fixation of a tobacco cigarette with an electronic cigarette. It has the same taste, feel and look of an actual cigarette. It even contains nicotine. But the nicotine comes in a form of vapors instead of smoke. This reduces smoker’s cough, stained teeth and bad breath from smoking. It can even improve your sense of taste and smell.

How do eCigs Work?

Electronic cigarettes are powered by rechargeable batteries. It comes with a cartridge that contains the nicotine in a liquid form. When you take a drag, the LED light comes on. The nicotine comes out in vapors, instead of as smoke. The batteries do need to be recharged, and the nicotine cartridges do need to be replaced. But these two factors are also what save you money in the long run. Electronic cigarettes come in many different sizes, but are mostly classified as small, medium and large. The larger cigarettes last longer because the cartridges and batteries are bigger.

Why Regal is a Great Choice

Regal Cigs come with the newest electronic cigarette technology. One cartomizer can give you 400 puffs. The e-cigarettes come with both a USB charger and a wall charger. They also come with both a storage case and a gift box to store the e-cigarettes in. All in all you get a lot for your money.

Final Review of Regal eCigs

Electronic cigarettes are a much healthier alternative to smoking. They give you the feeling of a real tobacco cigarette without all of the health problems associated with them. Regal cigarettes allow you to inhale your nicotine through water vapor, which eliminates second-hand smoke. You can smoke these cigarettes anywhere without feeling guilty about being a smoker. The lifetime warranty on Regal Cigs is an assurance from the company that their product is top notch. With both the USB charger and the wall charger, you will be able to charge up and use your cigarettes no matter where you are. Thank you for reading our Regal eCigs review.

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5 Reviews

  1. I absolutely hate the smell of smoke, yet I myself smoked for the majority of my life. I got hooked as a dumb kid trying to fit in. It wasn’t until this year that I discovered Regal. It’s an electronic cigarette that takes raw nicotine and turns it into a water vapor. Because there is no tobacco, it’s much safer and healthier. Also, it has no smell. I’ve really enjoyed using my e-cigarette so far, and I can tell the difference. I have more energy. I don’t stink. And my teeth look a lot better! If you want to quit smoking, I recommend you try Regal!

  2. I really like Regal. It’s a very neat and fully functional electronic cigarette that produces really thick vapor. I was surprised at how much vapor it produced. I figured an electronic cigarette wouldn’t be comparable to a regular cigarette. I was very wrong! I also like the fact that the batteries last a long time. I am usually able to smoke for the entire day without having to recharge it. So far, I am really impressed with the experience. I’m also super grateful that Regal helped me finally once and for all quit smoking cigarettes! Those things were slowly killing me.

  3. If you’ve been trying all your life to quit smoking but haven’t succeeded, drop what you’re doing and get Regal Cigs ASAP! This thing really works! I swear by it! In my opinion, it is the greatest invention ever produced. It lets you keep smoking, but without having to deal with the horrible smell on your clothes, the horrible breath and of course the icky teeth. Plus, I’m stoked to tell you that it’s available in gourmet flavors like chocolate, vanilla and coffee. When is the last time you smoked a cigarette that tasted like coffee? Yeah, that’s how awesome Regal Cigs is!

  4. I love the fact that Regal Cigs lets me experience the sensation of smoking without having to deal with any of the negative side effects. No bad smell. No yucky teeth. And no feeling tired all the time!

  5. I just wanted to share with you all for a moment how much I love Regal Cigs! I just got one in the mail and was very happy to find a rechargeable battery, a charger and a whole batch of cartridges. I also absolutely love the huge vapor cloud that it produces! It’s just as satisfying as puffing on a real cigarette. Regal Cigs definitely hit a home run with me. I thought I was going to get ripped off, but this thing is really worked. I’ve been on it for two days, and yeah, I still have a regular cigarette now and again, but I’ve managed to cut my smoking down in half!

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