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Blu Cigs

Blu Cigs Reviews

Blu Cigs electronic cigarettes are a fast growing player in the eCig industry. They now have over 100,000 retailers nationwide where you can buy your cartridge refills. Blu features a variety of flavor cartridges with American made smoke juice made in Wisconsin. Plus, they pride themselves on customer satisfaction. They are open 7 days a week to meet your needs.

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Blu Cigs are Healthier Than Cigarettes

Cigarette smokers know that the smelly ash and smoke produced from tobacco is problematic. Instead of worrying about your health and the health of your friends or family, you can use eCigas as a healthier alternative. When you smoke eCigs, you aren’t inhaling tobacco and you can smoke these nearly anywhere. Many of the laws that apply to regular tobacco products do not apply to eCigs, so you can take Blu Cigs wherever.

How Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes Work

Blu Cigs are rechargeable electronic cigarettes that work by utilizing liquid nicotine, better known as smoke juice. Blu Cigs features an easy to use rechargeable pack, which functions both as an Ecig carrying case and a battery charger. When your smoke juice cartridge runs out, simply unscrew it, throw it away and screw on a new one. It’s that easy! A huge bonus is that you can choose the level of nicotine that you want. Customers can decide between large, medium, and small cartridges, so they can choose how much liquid nicotine will fit in their eCig. The level of customization with Blu Cigs is excellent. And of course, the tip of the electronic cigarette glows blue to show you that it is working.

Why Blu Cigs is a Great Choice

Blu Cigs is great because they offer a wide variety of options and retail locations. Customers can choose between various cartridges and nicotine flavors. So, depending on what your interests are, you can get a Blu Cigs to match. Blu Cigs offers original cartridges that are the same size as traditional cigarettes, so, if you are trying to quit smoking traditional tobacco, you can still feel like you’re smoking. Blu Cigs also offers various cartridge flavors like vanilla, menthol, java, and peach, so customers can choose a different flavor every day, or experiment until you find your favorite.

Cost ofBlu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

Blu Cigs offers a starter kit that is priced around $79.95. Instead of purchasing the cartridge, battery, wall charger, and USB charger separately, you can get all of these for one reasonable price. Within this price, customers can choose the strength or flavor of the e-cigarettes as well, so they can still receive customized products that fit their needs.

Final Review of Blu Cigs

eCigs are a great alternative to traditional tobacco. Because they don’t contain tobacco, you don’t ingest the harmful substances that are usually put into traditional cigarettes. When you smoke Blu Cigs, you aren’t actually ingesting tobacco, so these can be smoked almost anywhere. Without Blu Cigs, you wouldn’t be able to get the feeling of cigarettes without the negative side effects. Blu Cigs also include a glowing blue tip, so when you use Blu Cigs, you can stand out in a crowd. Thank you for reading our Blu Cigs reviews.

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4 Reviews

  1. As a Newport smoker, I never thought it would be possible for me to quit. I love menthol, period. It’s something I just want in my life like some piece want that daily hit of chocolate. Who would have ever thought that scientists or whomever would create a product that delivers the same experience as a Newport? Well, Blu Cigs does it! It comes with this menthol flavor that is amazing! I liked it so much that I even tried some of the other flavors like chocolate and vanilla. It’s like eating dessert, but without putting on a single pound! The main reason I like Blu Cigs, however, is because it’s made my doctor very happy. He says that my blood pressure has gone down and that I’m basically healthier than I was before. And it seems like I feel healthier every single month that passes. It’s been four months so far since I’ve had a cigarette, and now I’m up to running two miles a day! At this rate, I hope to be running five miles a day by the end of the year. Wish me luck! And oh, definitely go and try Blu Cigs yourself if you too are a cigarette smoker than loves menthol!

  2. Blu Cig is without a doubt the #1 brand of electronic cigarette on the market. Trust me. I’ve tried many brands, and they all winded up wasting my time and costing me boatloads of money! Unlike the other brands, Blu Cig offers everything I wanted. It offers great flavors, a strong throat hit, lots of vapor smoke and the longest lasting battery. So far I haven’t had a single problem with Blu Cig, and I’ve been using it for over five months. The quality is just out of this world! After all the failures, I was very reluctant to try another brand, but my cousin kept bugging me to just give it a shot. I am so glad I listened and went and got it and tried it out. It works, period. It does the trick and keeps me away from cigarettes. And the fact of the matter is that I am starting to like it more than I ever liked smoking regular, nasty cigarettes. My family likes it as well, because our house doesn’t smell like smoke anymore! And my husband especially likes it, because he claims I don’t have bad breath anymore, not that I ever did! What does he know, right?

  3. Quitting smoking is possible. Don’t ever let anybody else tell you otherwise! If you don’t believe me, just try Blu Cig! It’s what they call an electronic cigarette. It delivers nicotine to your body, but without any of the carcinogens and other chemicals associated with regular cigarettes. You wind up smoking this water vapor cloud instead of cigarette smog. The results have been amazing. I feel more energetic, for one. I run three miles everyday! This sure wasn’t possible before I quit smoking! Overall, I’m really happy with Blu Cig, and I recommend it to anybody who genuinely wants to give up smoking for good!

  4. I started smoking when I was just 16 years old. It was the worst decision that I had ever made. By the time I was 18, I wanted nothing more than to stop smoking. Unfortunately, by then, I figured I was hooked for life. Then this year came and I heard about Blu Cig. I had no clue what this electronic cigarette thing was, but I was up for anything at this point. I bought it on July 13, 2013, and I officially quit smoking cigarettes three months later in October. Yeah, it took nearly all of my adult life to do it, but I finally managed to pull myself away!

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