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E Cigarettes Will Change Smoking Forever

The New Alternative

Over the past few decades smoking has increasingly started to become more of a taboo than commonplace in our society. Negative health concerns has been the primary reason that the tobacco-based cigarettes have increasingly become less popular. As a result, many people have tried to quit conventional cigarettes and while a good amount of people have had success there are always those who jump right back on the smoking bandwagon. In the past few years, people have been using e-cigarettes as a way to help combat their desire to smoke. As a product that does not contain any tobacco whatsoever, more and more people are turning to e-cigarettes as a way to still get their smoke fix, while not inhaling the tar that tobacco products contain.

Same Taste, Less Waste

Proponents of e-cigarettes claim that these types of cigarettes have the same taste as tobacco filled cigs but do not have any of the same harmful substances that can be found in ordinary cigarettes. While ordinary cigarettes contain over 4,000 harmful substances, these e-cigarettes do not contain any of those thousands of substances found in tobacco cigarettes. In addition, e-cigarettes do not produce smoke and do not produce as much waste or pollution into the air around you. With e-cigarettes, smokers simply inhale vapors containing nicotine, which then emits a form of steam and not smoke. As a result the problem of the stinky tobacco smell disappears. Additionally, second hand smoke no longer exists with e-cigarettes, which means that it is completely safe to smoke these types of cigarettes around fellow friends and family without worry.

Additional Benefits

Along with omitting the smoke and lingering smell problems that are typically produced from ordinary cigarettes, e-cigarettes also do not have as such strong side-effects compared to the tobacco cigarettes. When you switch to e-cigarettes from tobacco-filled cigarettes you will quickly notice the disappearance of coughing, yellowed nails, bad breath, the smell of tobacco lingering on everything, not to mention the dangers of developing cancer or any other cardiovascular disease.

What’s In An E-Cig?

The ingredients that make up an e-cigarette are fairly basic and it’s safe to say that you have already heard of two out of the three main ones. The main components of an e-cig include: water, propylene glycol and nicotine. Unlike tobacco-fueled cigarettes, which contain addictive properties, e-cigarettes do not. While both products include nicotine, this drug is only harmful when mixed with tobacco since by mixing it with tobacco it reaches the brain at a faster rate (10 seconds). In addition to the three main ingredients, the e-cigarette is comprised of a cartridge, a battery and a charger.

How The E-Cig Works

Learning how to smoke an e-cigarette will not take much adjustment if you are already used to smoking an ordinary cigarette. While both are consumed by putting the cigarette to your lips and puffing, what is being inhaled differs. When an individual inhales from an e-cigarette the air is detected by a sensor which then activates an aerosole mechanism which then injects drops of nicotine in the air and vaporizes the liquid. While that is taking place, a red light can be seen in the tube, which gives the smoker the feeling of reality.

Give It A Try

There really is nothing to lose when trying out an e-cigarette if you have already been a smoker. Many people who have been smoking for decades are often those who are the most skeptical of trying out e-cigarettes. However, skeptics should not worry. The truth is that technology has advanced in such a profound way that smoking an e-cigarette has a very similar look and feel to ordinary cigarettes. The only key difference is that e-cigarettes are a better, safer and healthier alternative to smoking since they are tobacco-free. Every smoker should make it a point to try an e-cigarette since it may just change your life. Now you can see how E Cigarettes will change smoking forever.