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The Cigarette Of The Future Is Here

Make The Switch

Gone are the days when smoking a cigarette is hip, cool or groovy. With medical advancements in the last half-century, we now know how detrimental smoking a cigarette can be to one’s health and well-being. No longer are tobacco companies allowed to advertise on prime time TV or billboards and showing someone smoking in a movie rarely happens anymore. Within the last few decades, society at large has been working on ways to discourage people from even thinking about smoking. While the reality is smoking is a bad habit to pick up, there are many who have already started this habit who may have a difficult time giving it up. Luckily, the cigarette has evolved within the last few years and the e-cigarette was born. While smoking may never be as cool or in vogue as that of yesteryear, e-cigarettes are a viable option for someone who is tired of the smelly, smoky cigs of the past.

Smoke And Save

There are a number of reasons an individual decides to start smoking, but the cost of smoking is never one of them. Smoking cigarettes really is an expensive habit to pick up and can really take a toll on your bank account. If you take a step back to do the math of how much you typically spend on average for cigs, you’d find that you spend ~$165 a month (based on 1 pack a day @$5.50), which translates to nearly $20k invested in the habit over a period of ten years. While cutting back or quitting altogether is a near impossible option for most smokers, switching from ordinary cigarettes to e-cigarettes is not a difficult switch at all and the price is right! E-cigarettes cost half the price of ordinary cigs, which means that you’ll be spending ~$80 a month and ultimately saving $10k over a decade.

Public Smoking Made Easy

As mentioned earlier, society in general is making it increasingly more difficult for people to smoke in public. Many states have laws that prohibit smoking in bars, restaurants, stores and even public parks. Therefore smoking in public imposes strict penalties should the law be broken. Every smoker has likely encountered the situation where one has the urge to smoke while in public but there is no place to do so. Fortunately, the modern day laws do not apply to e-cigarettes so one would not have any issue smoking in any crowded public place should the urge to smoke present itself.

More Flavors, Better Taste

Ordinary cigarettes contain a ton of nicotine and a good amount of tar, which is what mainly is responsible for the cancers and other illnesses brought on by cigs. While nicotine still contains addictive properties, e-cigarettes allow the smoker to adjust the strength of nicotine in every puff. Popular options include: nicotine free, light, strong and extra strong. With e-cigarettes, the smoker is also able to get a greater kick because e-cigarettes’ revolutionary technology is based on a pure nicotine delivery system. With e-cigarettes there is an abundance of rewarding flavors that will help one receive some good taste that will overall make the smoking experience even more enjoyable. E-cigarettes are available in every flavor from mint, chocolate, vanilla, fruit juice and more.

No Second-Hand Smoke

The primary reason our society has really shunned ordinary cigarettes is due to the complications that have risen from secondary smoke. Hundreds of thousands of people have died as a result of second hand smoke inhalation, which is a concern for the individual smoking an ordinary cigarette. Whether in public or in private, the smoke produced from cigs has a negative affect to those sitting in the vicinity of the smoker. Luckily one does not have to worry about bothering others with smoke when using e-cigarettes. Regardless of the model of e-cigarette that one chooses to smoke, e-cigs generate no more than a fine mist, which will never reach those in your vicinity. As a bonus, e-cigarettes also do not leave the lingering stench of tobacco.
Don’t Wait


Smoking e-cigarettes are the better alternative to ordinary tobacco-based cigarette products. While low-cost and multiple flavors are reasons alone to switch, the fact that e-cigarettes do not produce any second-hand smoke or leave no lasting tobacco smell should help seal the deal. After all, who wants to always be known as the person who is always followed by a cloud of smoke and a smell of tobacco? The cigarette of the future is here.