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Nook Simple Touch

The Nook Simple Touch GlowLight Review

The Nook Simple Touch GlowLight is a 6″ anti-glare touchscreen e-book reader that offers wireless connectivity. It can be used anywhere courtesy of its rechargeable battery, which takes about 3-1/2 hours to charge. Given one full charge, however, it can last an entire month with back-lighting and two months without any back-lighting. The Simple Touch GlowLight utilizes an integrated ‘GlowLight’ that makes it possible to read anywhere.

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Why The Nook Simple Touch GlowLight is Excellent

The Nook Simple Touch utilizes a pleasant 600 by 800 pixel resolution. Furthermore, it can be customized with 7 different font sizes and 6 font styles. This means anybody can enjoy this reader, from wide-eyed little children to senior citizens. All they have to do is adjust the font to one they find more comfortable! This Nook reader also offers 2GB of onboard storage. That’s enough to store 1,000 e-books. In case you run out of space, all you need to do is transfer your already read books over to your computer via a USB cord.

Nook Simple Touch GlowLight’s Features

The GlowLight really stands out when it comes to memory. While the 2GB is great, you can add an additional 32GB of space via an optional microSD card. That translates to an additional 16,000 books you can store without pulling out your laptop. Another neat benefit to this e-reader is that it supports more file formats than the average reader. Some of these formats include ePub, PDF, JPG, GIF and PNG.

Service and Pricing

Support for this particular e-book reader comes from Barnes & Nobles because they are the company behind the Nook brand. By tapping into the B&N website, you can access a slew of resources, including software updates, video tutorials and frequently asked questions. B&N also provides direct customer care through phone and chat lines.The Nook Simple Touch retails for a static rate of $99.00. This is a very fair price, given all the features and benefits you get as part of the deal.

Final Review of the Nook Simple Touch GlowLight

Overall, the Nook Simple Touch GlowLight is a very awesome device. For under $100, you get access to 3 million e-books, on-the-go WiFi connectivity and seamless syncing. Your purchased e-books automatically get synced across all your devices, including the Nook, your smartphone and your computer. This means you can start reading on your Nook while you’re out on the town and then later continue reading on your computer! Thank you for reading our Nook Simple Touch GlowLight review.

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