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Nook GlowLight

Nook GlowLight Review

The Nook Glowlight is a beautiful e-book reader that contains a 6″ infrared touchscreen display which supports a very clear and easy-to-read 758 by 1024 pixel resolution. It offers wireless connectivity, social media sharing, fast page turns and a bevy of added features. You can highlight your favorite passages, take sidebar notes and even browse the Internet. Furthermore, the Glowlight weighs only 6.2 ounces, making it one of the lightest e-book readers in the market!

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Unique Nook GlowLight Features

Most e-book readers are nothing else but e-book readers. This one also happens to be a free pass, in that you automatically get get Wi-Fi service in all Barnes & Noble stores, as well as in over 30,000 AT&T-sponsored locations throughout the world. Not only that, but the GlowLight comes with an integrated browser that you can use to look up stuff on Google or Wikipedia. And if you have kids, then have no worry, because you can designate which books are safe for reading and which ones are not.

Why The Nook GlowLight is Special

The Nook GlowLight goes years beyond its competitors in so many ways. You can use its USB port to download songs from your computer to the reader. This lets you listen to music while out on the town. Also, this reader supports more formats than the average reader, including e-book formats, newspaper formats and even magazine formats. Anything you want is pretty much covered, guaranteed. You also have the option of adding friends via a B&N exclusive social network.

Cost and Customer Care

The Nook retails for a static rate of $119.00 and includes free shipping to states in the continental US. Note also that it comes in a brilliant white casing. Support for the GlowLight is provided through the Barnes & Nobles website. You can download guides and software updates, read frequently asked questions, watch video tutorials and more. You can also start up a live chat, call a customer agent on the phone or even tweet the official B&N Twitter account.

Final Review of the Nook GlowLight

The Nook GlowLight is an extraordinary device jam-packed with so many features. It’s almost like a smartphone, but bigger, easier to use and a whole lot easier to read! You can browse the Internet, access millions of books and even trade books with friends. You can also read in the darkest of conditions courtesy of its integrated GlowLight. It’s taken the concept of reading to a whole new plateau.Thank you for reading our Nook GlowLight review.

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