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Kobo Glo

Kobo Glo Review

The Kobo Glo is a top-of-the-line grayscale e-book reader from the well-respected Kobo brand. It houses a large 6-inch XGA touchscreen display that’s both fingerprint-resistant and glare-free. It also contains an ultra-fast 1 GHz processor. This mean you can turn one page, two pages, three pages, etc. at any pace without ever having to worry about encountering a smidgen of lag. It’s also the only e-reader on the market that tracks your reading stats and lets you store your favorite passages.

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Why The Kobo Glo is Excellent

The Kobo Glo is more than just fast and beautiful. It’s also capable of handling extensive use. It can be used for 70 hours straight with the backlighting turned on. It can last even longer during daytime hours. Plus, the Glo utilizes 802.11N technology, which happens to be the latest and fastest form of WiFi. This type of WiFi offers speeds significantly faster than older standards. It also hosts the longest range, meaning you can stay connected even if your router is inside and you’re out on the patio.

Why The Kobo Glo is Special

The Glo out-performs all of its grayscale competitors courtesy of some very incredible features. Take for instance the fact that it offers access to 1 million free e-books. Yep. That amounts to a million books you can read at anytime, so long as you are in the presence of a WiFi network. Only that, but the Glo lets you take notes or highlight quotes and then share these notes and/or quotes on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. That is a one-of-a-kind feature that you cannot find elsewhere!

Pricing and Customer Care

The Kobo Glo e-book reader retails for $129.99 and comes in a wide assortment of colors, including black, gray, blue and red. You are also welcome to accessorize your Glo with an optional canvas or leather SleepCover that’s designed to keep your reader protected from dirt and scratches. To get support for the Glo, you need to visit the Kobo website. From there, you can view frequently asked questions, read troubleshooting guides or contact a trained Kobo agent directly by chat, email or phone.

Final Review of the Kobo Glo

The Kobo Glo is truly a one-of-a-kind device. It’s one thing to just read books with an e-book reader. It’s another thing altogether to also use it to share notes on Facebook, view images, browse the Internet and even track your reading habits. It’s like Kobo has taken every e-reader feature already available and expanded on it. The result is an incredibly powerful and versatile, yet lightweight and portable reader that cannot be matched in power and function. Thank you for reading our Kobo Glo review.

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