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Kindle Reviews

The Kindle is a lightweight, budget-friendly eBook reader designed for reading books while waiting for the bus, lounging in a doctor’s office or lying in bed. It holds a whopping 1,400 books and can connect to all WiFi hotspots, modems and routers. Plus, it weighs under 6 ounces, making it lighter than your average paperback. Its most important feature is the large 6-inch gray-scale display that’s designed so that anybody (regardless of age, gender or eyesight) can partake in some portable reading.

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Why The Kindle is Excellent

Every e-reader lets you read books. Only a few truly excellent ones like the Kindle let you also browse the Internet courtesy of an experimental browser. You can use this browser while connected to a WiFi network to quickly read your email, check the latest news and more. Added to that is the fact that this reader lets you also read magazines articles, newspaper stories and standard DOC and PDF documents. Even more astonishing is this: it lets you view pictures!

Why The Kindle is Special

The Kindle can be fully charged in under 3 hours. Just plug it into your laptop and charge it, after which you can use it for thirty half-hour sessions straight before you have to charge it again. Also, getting a Kindle entitles you to unlimited free cloud storage courtesy of Amazon. Every single e-book you buy will automatically be archived on the cloud, even if you delete it off the Kindle! And once it is archived, you can access it from any other device, including your smartphone, your laptop and your desktop.

Costs and Service

The Kindle retails for two prices — $69.00 and $89.00. Both Kindles are the exact same, except that the more budget-friendly option comes with ads. Service for the Kindle is offered through Amazon. This is great news, because Amazon offers some of the most extensive customer care in the industry. You can chat with other Kindle customers in a forum, speak with an agent by phone, chat with an agent via your computer or just send a conventional email.

Final Review of the Kindle

The Kindle is an original that has made a name for itself. Millions of people across the globe use it everyday to stay connected and read their favorite books. Not only is it small and lightweight, but it’s also easy to use and comes with so many features and benefits. You can read all sorts of content, including magazine articles and newspaper pieces. You can charge it in just 3 hours. And you can even browse the Internet. Thank you for reading our Kindle reviews.

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