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Reasons You Need An eBook Reader

  • An eBook Reader Gives You the Freedom to Take Your Books Anywhere You Wish
  • Can Easily Translate Books Into a Foreign Language So You Can Read Comfortably
  • Your eBook Reader is Small, Lightweight and Portable Making it Easy to Transport
  • Without an eBook Reader, You'll Be Missing Out on Millions of Free Titles to Read
  • You Won't Have to Visit the Library or Bookstore & Risk Not Finding What You Want

Kindle Paperwhite Review

The Kindle Paperweight is a 6-inch, high-resolution e-book reader that offers a glare-free screen, a built-in night-light, a 212 ppi resolution and onboard storage space for 1,000 books. It weighs only 7.3 ounces and measures 6.7 by 4.6 by 0.36 inches. Plus, it utilizes a rechargeable battery. This gives it the awesome portability you need without having to worry about where you'll need to plug in.

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Nook GlowLight Review

The Nook Glowlight is a beautiful e-book reader that contains a 6" infrared touchscreen display which supports a very clear and easy-to-read 758 by 1024 pixel resolution. It offers wireless connectivity, social media sharing, fast page turns and a bevy of added features. You can highlight your favorite passages, take sidebar notes and even browse the Internet. Furthermore, the Glowlight weighs only 6.2 ounces, making it one of the lightest e-book readers in the market!

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The Nook Simple Touch GlowLight Review

The Nook Simple Touch GlowLight is a 6" anti-glare touchscreen e-book reader that offers wireless connectivity. It can be used anywhere courtesy of its rechargeable battery, which takes about 3-1/2 hours to charge. Given one full charge, however, it can last an entire month with back-lighting and two months without any back-lighting. The Simple Touch GlowLight utilizes an integrated ‘GlowLight’ that makes it possible to read anywhere.

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Kobo Glo Review

The Kobo Glo is a top-of-the-line grayscale e-book reader from the well-respected Kobo brand. It houses a large 6-inch XGA touchscreen display that’s both fingerprint-resistant and glare-free. It also contains an ultra-fast 1 GHz processor. This mean you can turn one page, two pages, three pages, etc. at any pace without ever having to worry about encountering a smidgen of lag. It’s also the only e-reader on the market that tracks your reading stats and lets you store your favorite passages.

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Kindle Reviews

The Kindle is a lightweight, budget-friendly eBook reader designed for reading books while waiting for the bus, lounging in a doctor's office or lying in bed. It holds a whopping 1,400 books and can connect to all WiFi hotspots, modems and routers. Plus, it weighs under 6 ounces, making it lighter than your average paperback. Its most important feature is the large 6-inch gray-scale display that's designed so that anybody (regardless of age, gender or eyesight) can partake in some portable reading.

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