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What is an eBook Reader Device?

eBook Readers Defined

An eBook (electronic book) reader is a portable device that is used for the purposes of reading books, magazines, or other documents. It is an electronic product that brings literally thousands of titles into a single hand-held device, creating a “walking library” that can be carried and used almost anywhere. eBook readers are technically any device that can read an eBook. However, there are several specific eBook readers whose main purpose is to read books.

eBooks Versus Tablets

eBooks and tablets are very similar in size and shape, but they do have their differences as well. Tablets are aimed at increasing interaction between the user and the product. People who frequently use Facebook, Twitter, the internet, and countless other apps find that tablets are better suited for their needs. On the other hand, those that are simply looking for a book to read may prefer eBook readers as they can use more memory for the purposes of storing books and are generally smaller in size.

Other Points of Difference

eBook readers have a smaller screen size; on average, they are around six inches in length. Tablets, on the other hand, have an average screen size of about nine inches. For users interested in having a larger screen size, tablets are generally the better choice. On the other hand, for a more compact option the eBook readers provide a space-saving alternative. Tablets also tend to be thicker and/or bulkier than eBook readers as they require extra hardware for added functionality.

Convenient and Easy to Use

eBook readers are a convenient way to bring a vast number of your favorite titles with you wherever you go. They offer an easy way to take your books on the go. Instead of packing your vacation bag with a limited number of titles, your eBook reader allows you to bring whichever eBook you want with you, and to download whatever title you want while your traveling. And with several competing companies now selling eBook readers, the number of eBook titles continues to rise exponentially.

Many Different eBook Readers

There are a variety of eBook readers out there. The Kindle series is produced by Amazon. Barnes and Noble created the Nook to keep up with the number of readers making the transfer from buying books at their store to online. Other eBook readers include the Cybook by Bookeen, JetBook by Ectaco, Kobo, Onyx, Pocketbook, and the PRS series of eBook readers by Sony. Do a little research and you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect eBook reader for you!