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DVD Cloner Review

DVD Cloner from Open Cloner, in its 11th generation and fully up to date, makes it easy to create copies of your favorite DVD movies. DVD Cloner enables the creation of perfect DVD copies, movie-only copies, split copies, or customized copies so that users can have seamless and long-lasting DVD copies. DVD Cloner not only copies regular DVD movies, but also 3D, Blu-Ray, music and movie files.

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Special DVD Copies

DVD Cloner includes many unique features that make it easy to create perfect copies. It even removes DVD protection codes so that your final DVD can look exactly like the original. Best of all, DVD copies only take 1/3 of the original playback time to copy. Instead of wasting time trying to skip through menu bars or unneeded sound files, DVD Cloner also offers movie-only copies so that users can skip the special features, unwanted audio and subtitles, and even the menu.

Additional Features & Options

DVD Cloner works to protect your DVDs. The program is constantly updating. Not only that, but with DVD Cloner, you can adjust the screen size to fit your computer or TV, so you can watch your DVDs on any type of technology. DVD Cloner also offers very selective copies. You can copy multiple DVDs into one DVD and you can tweak them to make a unique DVD. With so many additional features and options, DVD Cloner makes for a great choice to fit any of your needs.

Support and Help

DVD Cloner offers many ways to get help. If you are interested in copying DVDs, but don’t have much experience, DVD Cloner will walk you through it with their wizard titles. Customizable copies are also available to combine multiple DVDs into one format. They also provide a 30-day money back guarantee as well as bonus software so that every customer can get the most out of their DVD Cloner software. Because of their responsive support system, DVD Cloner is great for novices and experts alike.

Final Review of DVD Cloner

If you are looking for a DVD burner with a wide array of features, updates, and compatibilities, DVD Cloner is for you. Because DVD Cloner allows customers to burn everything on the original disk, you can customize your DVD burning experience. This is great for making unique DVDs, as well as making multiple copies of one DVD. DVD Cloner is high-rated and well trusted, so they are a great company to choose. Thank you for reading our DVD Cloner review.

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6 Reviews

  1. DVD Cloner has an incredibly easy to use interface. I have used other DVD copying software, and they just do not compare to DVD Cloner’s user interface. It is just incredibly intuitive: no need to read boring old instructions. DVD Cloner is also one of the more innovative programs available with a laundry list of special features. Another benefit is that it can perform up to the level of your burner. That is, it is able to burn copies of movies as fast as your burner can handle. Best of all, the price is reasonable despite getting all sorts of extra features and not needing any additional software.

  2. I had a little trouble installing DVD Cloner. Luckily, I was able to reach their customer support easily, and they were more than happy to walk me through the process and provide me with links for further information. I have fallen in love with DVD Cloner!

  3. It takes only ten to twenty minutes for DVD Cloner to copy a disc to a blank DVD, ISO file, or hard drive at its fastest speeds. In ratios of one to one, it is known for its perfect cloning abilities. Also, it can compress different DVD types with similar quality. I was also able to “restore” one of my DVDs that was badly scratched and barely playable. I just made a copy of it, and oddly enough, the copy was able to play fine on my DVD player. DVD Cloner is really a wonder product. I highly recommend it for all your copying needs.

  4. DVD Cloner has a slick interface and is simple and intuitive to use. Every DVD I have tried to copy has worked with DVD Cloner. Plus, it produces copies in iPhone and DVD formats. DVD copying has come a long way!

  5. I have been using DVD Cloner since soon after it first came out, and I have never had any problems copying DVDs. First of all, the installation process was seamless and quick. I have burned at least a hundred discs using DVD Cloner, and I have not run into any issues with it not being able to rip because of protections. The DVDs are usually done in about twenty minutes. And, it is impossible to tell the difference between the original disc and the copy. The quality is just extraordinary. I recommend DVD Cloner to anyone looking to back up their DVD collection.

  6. DVD Cloner does exactly what I need. A few years ago, I purchased a computer with a DVD burner. I never even thought about using it until recently. But, when I went to use it, the software that came with the computer was already outdated. So, a friend suggested I try DVD Cloner. I could not be happier with it. It is able to copy anything I need. Best of all, DVD Cloner is easy enough for someone just learning the DVD copying ropes. There are a bunch of other features that I am just learning about. I do not have much of a frame of reference, but DVD Cloner has definitely worked well for me.

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